Rants on Mocha's Guam Trip

Mocha Uson
Last night, I read Mocha Uson's personal blog. She's one of the Filipino sexy singer with a group. Don't get me wrong! You can view her sexy photos and video if you want to.

What irks me was this:
"Besides the positive response, the owner of Karisma, (Wenefredo E.Gallega) didn’t seem to be happy.  Oh well, I can’t please everyone, I thought to myself.  Then I found out, the reason why he wasn’t so ecstatic about me was that he had a different agenda.  He didn’t care about quality performance. He was complaining to our manager why do I go home right away after the show. He said that I should stay longer, sit with several guests and order inflated priced ladies drinks. He said that this was the only way his bar will earn.  And besides, I’ll also benefit from the commission (drinkback), he said. He even tried to convince me by saying that all famous celebrities that came to Guam did that."
That happened in one of the bars in Guam. Sad to hear but it's true! We were talking about how low our economy is and how hard life is! But then, some people are like vultures or crocodiles who will do anything in the game of money. It downgrades not only Mocha but the other Filipino women as well.

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