What Are Reusable Produce Bags?

Now that most of us have opted for reusable shopping bags instead of plastic shopping bags that harm our wildlife and environment, what about reusable produce bags? How can we fit these into our shopping trips and what types of produce bags are available?

Why do we need reusable produce bags?
Do you remember when you could get fish and chips wrapped in newspaper? Back in the day we used cardboard boxes and even paper bags to carry home our purchases from the shops. Now everything is plastic! However, given that we understand the problems of plastic shopping bags, most of us have a boot full of reusable shopping bags that we take back and forth to the supermarket.

How Librarians Can Help Tackle Fake News

It’d be wrong to fall into the trap of believing that the world is in an irreparably terrible state; by most metrics that we’d use to measure the state of the world, we’re doing pretty well. But equally, it would be wrong to think that there aren’t some significant problems that need to be addressed. One such example of these modern problems is the rise of fake news, which has become especially difficult to contain in recent years. This has been in part because of the ease in which the internet has enabled the spreading of fake news, but there are also bigger issues too.

No matter the cause of fake news, it’s clear that if we’re going to live in a democratic society, then fake news must be deleted from the narrative. The question is: how do you combat it? There’ll be roles to play in this battle from various organizations throughout the society, most notably from the government, the media, and social media networks. But perhaps the most underrated contribution will come from librarians, who are especially good at educating the public and can thus show them how to spot fake news and reduce its impact. In many ways, the issue isn’t that fake news exists; it’s that it’s becoming more and more difficult to determine what’s real and what’s not.

Keeping Yourself Safe When You Become a Blogger

Increasing numbers of people are becoming bloggers. Many are starting personal blogs for the sheer sake of showing their family and friends what they’re up to. Some are taking to professional blogging to make a career of sharing their ideas and thoughts with the wider world. Either way, your blog will generally be accessible to the wider public and you can quickly find yourself with a large following. Now, this is great. It can propel you to success! But it’s also important that you keep yourself safe when you become a blogger. When you become a public figure, you need to ensure that you’re not oversharing to avoid potential issues.

Home Energy Saving Checklist

Electricity usage has become a big part of our daily life. Most of our life depends on it now. Without electricity, we have no lights, appliances to cook for our family and, a lot more. If someone in the family is not careful about using it, the house bills will increase every month. Please check the infographic checklist below on how to save energy:

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5 Handy Accessories For Your Fridge


At home, our fridges are a vital appliance within our kitchens. Due to their cold temperatures, fridges are able to manage the activity of bacteria on food which otherwise manifests in high temperatures. Fridges are crucial in ensuring our food and beverages are kept fresher for longer so that we are able to safely enjoy them. They are a staple within any household, and without them, food would be wasted much more often.

Online Shopping Experience at the SMShop

family shopping

My brother and I went to SM San Jose del Monte to buy a Uratex Queen size (4 x 60 x 75) mattress and other bed accessories. He pity us because we slept in a single layer mat and folded cardboard on the floor. Now, the problem is how to bring the items home. We do not have a car. The jeepneys would not agree even if we pay an extra fee. It will disturb the passengers who get in and out of the jeep. Someone suggests hiring a van or taxi. So, we choose a van because of its comfort and space. Then, I paid more than 300.00 for 14.5 kilometers to take us home with the items.

Are You Dreaming of These Home Updates?

dream home

It’s safe to say that we all have dream homes. But, not all of us have them. When you’re little, or as you get into adulthood, you may have an idea of what you’d love your future home to look like. Yet, you don’t always know how to make it yours. Some people just manage to save up and get the home that they want, whereas others can’t quite figure out how to get there. And that’s okay. You will. And the best news is, that you can make changes to your current home to make this happen! If you are still dreaming of this ideal home, then here are a few changes that you might like to make to get it.

3 Ways To Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Many people want to do all that they can to help the environment, but knowing where to begin can be difficult. Sometimes, the issues can seem so big, that as an individual, it is hard to see how you can make a difference. However, the simplest way to help the environment is to make changes that you have the most control over; this means starting to make changes within your home.

living room plants

Super Creative Ideas That Will Stop Your Australian Vacation From Getting Bored

Sun, sea, and sand - they’re incredible and synonymous with Australia, but they never change. At least, they don’t if you go on the same vacation to the land down under year after year. Some people enjoy a few weeks in a country the size of a continent with zero responsibilities because it's freeing. Plus, it is about as far away from home as possible!

The Ultimate Guide to Friendship


We will all need a friend at some point in our lives. We may go through a trauma that causes us immense pain, and we simply cannot recover alone. Instead, we need to rely on the support network around us. It is only then when you discover who your true friends really are. The same could be said for you. If a pal is struggling with life and you are not there to be the listening ear or the venting board, then what kind of a friend are you? Friendship is often regarded with more importance than family. You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your parents or your siblings. Take a look at this ultimate guide to friendship and make sure that you are a good friend in the future.

Best Ways To Keep Your Home Pest Free

Now that we are in a cool and dry season here, it can be a time when you might want to clean out your home a little more frequently. It can be a good idea to get the windows open a little more to get some clean air in. But that can mean that it is more likely that there will be some pests that want to get into the house. Cockroaches, rodents and spiders can become increasingly active inside the home during these months, so here are some tips to help you to keep the creepy crawlies out of your home, and keep them outdoors.

washing utensils

10 Easy and Budget-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home ready to sell it or simply want to give it that much-needed refreshed look, there are certain home improvements you can do. It’s easy to think that undertaking home improvements will break your budget. But it doesn’t have to always be that way.

Simple and quick, the below suggestions won’t cost you the world. Instead, they simply require a little DIY and professional assistance. Bringing a touch of style and modern elegance, your home will be reinvigorated.

4 Tips To Organize Yourself This Year

Have you resolved that this year you will finally get on top of things? Will this be the year that you juggle everything that you need to do without dropping the ball? If so, then today’s post should help you to get off to a good start as we share 4 tips to organize yourself this year.

writing a plan

What Should Be In Your Personal Medicine Cabinet?

medicine in bottles
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From time to time, a small or large malady can affect our health out of the blue, and cause us either discomfort or the need for further attention. As far as this is concerned, it’s a good idea to purchase a few items to stock your medicine cabinet. Remember, though, that a medicine cabinet needn’t only be defined as the wall cabinet in your bathroom, or the pill jars you have prescribed to you by a Doctor. Many things can serve as an aid in these circumstances, such as a bag of frozen peas helping to dispel swelling after accidentally banging your head during DIY efforts (we’ve all been there).

5 Simple Tips For Travelling Solo

When you are preparing to travel solo for the first time, you’ll likely be feeling both excited and apprehensive. You’re about to embark upon a real adventure, so both feelings are completely natural. Once you’ve planned your destinations, sorted your visas, and packed your bags, you’ll likely be glad of a few simple solo travelling tips.

The Benefits Of Using Contact Lenses Over Glasses

It’s great that we’ve managed to find ways as humans to improve the parts of us that have malfunctioned. When it comes to your eyesight, it’s one of those valuable things that we sometimes don’t appreciate enough. So much so that when it gets damaged, it can change aspects of your life. Here are some of the benefits of using contact lenses over glasses.