4 Tips To Organize Yourself This Year

Have you resolved that this year you will finally get on top of things? Will this be the year that you juggle everything that you need to do without dropping the ball? If so, then today’s post should help you to get off to a good start as we share 4 tips to organize yourself this year.

writing a plan

Arm Yourself With The Right Tools
In order to stay organized all year, you should first arm yourself with the right tools.

You might need to grab a diary, a calendar and a notebook to help to keep you on track, or you might prefer to download some free organization apps to use.

The only way that you are going to stay on top this year is by using these tools effectively. You must write things down, create to-do lists, use task reminders and think beyond the moment that you are in.

Have a Thorough Declutter
Start as you mean to go on and have a thorough declutter. It will help you to stay organized all year if you kick the year off by organizing your home.

Go through each room and donate those things that you no longer need or use. Be honest with yourself and take this cupboard by cupboard, do not leave anything out.

When you have finished, every item should have a home, meaning that everywhere should be tidy. Keep it tidy by encouraging everyone in your household to put things back as they go along each day. You should also always know where everything is this way.

It will help you to stay organized if you are operating in a clutter-free environment.

Draw-up The Big Task List
We all have those jobs that we just never seem to get around to doing or arranging. You might need to check into a termite inspection cost and organize it, you might need to get a tree cut down or perhaps you have been meaning to landscape the garden.

You might then have one or two projects in mind for this year. Perhaps you need to prepare your home for some renovations or you want to enroll in a new course. Add these to your list, ready to break everything down into manageable tasks and chunks.

Spread Everything Out Across The Year
Now that you have a list of all that you need to do, it might be starting to look a bit daunting. This might be the moment that you throw everything out and decide to just keep on flying by the seat of your pants as always. Don’t do that!

Break all of those big tasks down and assign time to do them over the year. You might like to get the simpler ones done quickly, so go and arrange those and get them out of the way. For everything else, you should be able to see that be spreading things over the year, you will be able to do them and you are in control of when they will get done.

You should now have an organized home and a planner filed with manageable tasks that need doing each month, Stick to the plan to stay organized.

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