The Ultimate Guide to Friendship


We will all need a friend at some point in our lives. We may go through a trauma that causes us immense pain, and we simply cannot recover alone. Instead, we need to rely on the support network around us. It is only then when you discover who your true friends really are. The same could be said for you. If a pal is struggling with life and you are not there to be the listening ear or the venting board, then what kind of a friend are you? Friendship is often regarded with more importance than family. You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your parents or your siblings. Take a look at this ultimate guide to friendship and make sure that you are a good friend in the future.

It Might Not Be Fun
You may be used to your buddy being the life and soul of the party. They may make you laugh until you cry, you may have so much fun with them, and you can talk for hours. However, when your pal goes through a trauma or struggles, their personality may shift. This doesn’t mean you should cut and run. This can leave them feeling more isolated and alone. You need to be present. Pick up the phone, turn up at their door with a meal, and be there in a physical sense. Your friend might not be their usual chatty self but they will appreciate your care and attention. They might cry on your shoulder or they might want to chat about something totally benign to take their mind away from their woes. Whatever it is they need, provide it.

Trauma can be difficult for you to deal with as a supportive friend. Knowing that your friend is suffering from anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder or some sort of addiction can be terrible to witness. But imagine how your pal must be feeling. They need you. If they are embarrassed because they need to visit sex therapists or if they are ashamed because they are struggling to overcome a substance dependency, try and remain calm and nonchalant. Let them know that they have nothing to be embarrassed about and that you will be supportive at all times. Be their confidante and allow them to chat with you about their experiences. If they need your support with an intervention of some sort, be there.

Be Inclusive
It can be challenging as a friend to be present as much as possible. Your own mental health cannot suffer because you are trying to be a good friend. Make sure you have time for yourself, to follow your own pursuits and hobbies. You also need time to relax. At the same time, don’t shun your pal. They may not be keen to leave the house too much or attend social functions. However, keep inviting them to the movies or out to dinner. Simply having this invitation shows your pal that they are not forgotten and that you are still thinking about them. If you remove this because they are forever saying no to your invites, this can destroy their self esteem and isolate them further. Eventually, they will say yes when they begin to feel better.

Follow this guide and you can really emulate the true values of friendship.

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