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My brother and I went to SM San Jose del Monte to buy a Uratex Queen size (4 x 60 x 75) mattress and other bed accessories. He pity us because we slept in a single layer mat and folded cardboard on the floor. Now, the problem is how to bring the items home. We do not have a car. The jeepneys would not agree even if we pay an extra fee. It will disturb the passengers who get in and out of the jeep. Someone suggests hiring a van or taxi. So, we choose a van because of its comfort and space. Then, I paid more than 300.00 for 14.5 kilometers to take us home with the items.

Last December, I was allowed to try and shop on a new online shopping platform. When I learned it was ShopSM of The SM Store, I feel ecstatic because: 
  • In my recent experience, buying bulky items from the store is a big problem, especially if you don't have a car.
  • The SM store is known as the largest department store chain in the Philippines. They are a go-to mall for a family to shop and dine in together.
  • They offer a door to door delivery that saves your time and money. A door to door delivery is convenient for big and bulk orders.
  • I am happy to know that one of their payment options is COD or Cash on Delivery. The customer has a chance to check the product before paying.

Immediately, I create an account and edit the information for the delivery thereafter.

In choosing what to buy, as usual, it took me a long time. As a mom, I prefer the significant needs in the house. So, I  bought two kitchen items from Hosh Philippines plus two beauty products for myself. I've been wanting to buy these two beauty products to try. Here they are:

1. Hosh Glass Lid 24cm
I am fond of buying Japan Surplus kitchen items. They have no lids. So, I thought this lid would be nice to place on a pan while frying a fish or meat. 

2. Hosh Gresham Casserole with Glass Lid 2LT
The casserole is a ceramic material and chrome plate rack with a glass lid. It is useful for microwave, non-toxic and non-reactive. Since I didn't have a chance to use it last Christmas and New Year, I'm planning to use it on my husband's birthday. 

3. Human Nature Moisturizing Mandarin Fresh Conditioner 200ml
I have a wavy hair but its super dry. Human Nature products has good reviews especially for curly or wavy hair. It has no harmful chemicals that will damage your hair. I'm excited to try this.

4. St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub Tube 6oz
I am fond of face scrubs, especially if it's mentholated. I don't know what happened to the product I've used before because I can't find it in the supermarket anymore. Again, this has good reviews I will try this.

Above are the number of items that I've ordered from the SMShop. The total cost is P1,215.30 including the shipping fee of P99.00. It saves you time and money.

For delivery and payment, I choose door to door and cash on delivery. 

Hence, I ordered these items last December 25. I expect delays because it falls on the holiday season and I understand it. 

Overall Experience

A. The Website 
I found no problem in choosing the products that I want because it is available. Although, some items were Out of Stocks. I think it's understandable because it's the year-ender of December and a lot of people want to order online. Hopefully, they will add new stocks after the holiday. 

B. Courier
SMShop has only one courier named 2GO. 

January 4, I received an automated text message informing me to prepare the amount to pay for the delivery. Finally, my order will arrive. It makes me feel excited. It is late in the afternoon, with no delivery. My heart sunk. It's like your love life who made you a promise, but nobody came. Just kidding!

When I looked at the tracking number on the website, I was surprised!  The tracking status is UNDELIVERED - RESIDENCE CLOSED. HOUSE CLOSED. How I wish to wave at them and say, "Hey, that is not my location. I'm over there not right here"!

To make the story short, they have sent me auto-text messages 5x. That's one text a day. It means the items were out for delivery every day in five days.

Honestly, I feel dismayed about what had happened. There are no calls,  not until on the 5th day in the afternoon. It is the 5th day at 5:00 p. m. when my phone rings. It was the delivery man asking for my location and landmark. Since he had difficulty looking for my house, I went out to the highway. I am ready to ask and maybe give him a piece of my mind. But, when I saw him and the vehicle, I feel sorry and pity him, instead. I thought all along that it was a van. He came in riding in a motorcycle with a sidecar. His sidecar is fully-loaded with packages.

When he arrived, he asked for my name and tell me that the first delivery man did not return to work. I went back to our house to get the money and paid the items.

C. Packaging
I like the packaging. Each item was carefully wrapped twice with a bubble wrap before it was taped and placed in the cardboard.

D. Loyalty Points
Add your SM Advantage Card to earn more loyalty points on online shopping.

Final Thoughts
The website and packaging are both flawless. If you can't change or add another courier, please change the system of delivery. Selling online depends on good courier.

The success of delivery is also the success of the online merchants. Happy Shopping! :)

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