5 Simple Tips For Travelling Solo

When you are preparing to travel solo for the first time, you’ll likely be feeling both excited and apprehensive. You’re about to embark upon a real adventure, so both feelings are completely natural. Once you’ve planned your destinations, sorted your visas, and packed your bags, you’ll likely be glad of a few simple solo travelling tips.

1 . Travel-Handy Apps
There are plenty of apps out there to make life easier for the solo traveler. MeetUp, for example, is an excellent app to download for your phone. With Meetup, you can search a database of local groups; from cooking to creative writing, language learning, expats, or hiking. No matter what the theme of the meet up, the idea is to make friends (and plenty of people attend solo).

Another handy app to use while traveling is TripIt; this app stores all of your important docs in one place; your flights, hostel reservations, train tickets, etc. It’s far easier to have everything nicely kept together to save you time and stress. Whether it’s Tours to Southeast Asia or bicycle jaunts around Paris; TripIt can help to manage the practicalities so that you can have all the fun!

2. Learn the Lingo
When you’re travelling solo, doing your best to learn the lingo will help you to feel more comfortable and relaxed. Start practicing well in advance of your destinations as new language learning takes time. You can try apps like Duolingo to help you along your way. This app has plenty of simple and interactive exercises which allows you to build up your skills at your own time and your own pace. Write down phases that you learn as well as practicing out loud.

3. Social Housing
Having your own private space can be luxurious, however social housing options are a far better way to meet people. When you choose a hostel, or a shared Airbnb option, you’ll be more likely to access a community of similar travelers. Of course, this isn’t to say that it’s not okay to seek a little me time. Travelling alone is also about enjoying time to yourself, whether it’s a quiet day to explore a museum or a solo swim in the ocean. Go with your own flow and take as much time for yourself as you desire.

4. Safety-Conscious
You’ll know that you have to be safety conscious while travelling, but it can be useful to plan precisely how you’re going to do that. Write yourself a few safety rule ideas and make sure that you stick to them. One might be, always informing someone of your whereabouts, be it a family member back home or a new friend at the hostel. Another might be investing in an anti-theft travel bag that’s worn under the clothes. It could be about backing-up your travel documents or always keeping your phone charged. Or perhaps, researching areas thoroughly before you take that route or stay in that town.

You could also invest in travel gadgets for security such as GPS tracker. A personal GPS Tracker always record your routes. It comes with a mobile application where multiple people can login to see the live location of your journey. By using the facility, you can share the location with the people you trust. Also, there is a dedicated SOS button which one can press in an emergency. This will send alerts to the preassigned persons on the mobile application.

5. Seek Advice
If you have friends who have traveled solo, it’s well worth seeking some words of wisdom. Whether it’s districts to avoid, restaurant recommendations, or cultural norms, take all the good travel tips you can get!

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