5 Handy Accessories For Your Fridge


At home, our fridges are a vital appliance within our kitchens. Due to their cold temperatures, fridges are able to manage the activity of bacteria on food which otherwise manifests in high temperatures. Fridges are crucial in ensuring our food and beverages are kept fresher for longer so that we are able to safely enjoy them. They are a staple within any household, and without them, food would be wasted much more often.

Don’t be fooled by its silence - your household fridge works hard 24 hours a day! A typical fridge consists of a condenser, compressor, evaporator, and expansion valve, all of which have equal importance in maintaining the quality of our favourite  food and beverages.

Like anything within a home, appliances or furniture can always be upgraded or improved in terms of appearance or function.  If you’re thinking of improving your fridge’s functionality, stores like Online Appliance Spares offer useful accessories that you can purchase. Here are the top five handy accessories to consider for a newly improved fridge!

Water Filter
 It’s so important to stay hydrated throughout the day, yet so easy to forget in the hustle and bustle of people’s busy lives. Water filters make great contemporary additions to fridges, and can also offer a quick and convenient way to hydrate with improved taste in comparison to regular tap water.

 Many people don’t actually know the temperature of their fridge. Fridges need to be cold enough to keep food fresh, but not cold enough to let food freeze. An optimum temperature for a fridge is between 3°C and 5°C, while the freezer temperature should be -18°C. If you wish to monitor your fridge’s temperature, investing in a thermometer may be a beneficial idea. Knowing the temperature of your fridge can also come in use to help you determine where to place certain foods, whether this is in colder or warmer areas.

Fridge Deodoriser
 Food’s home is in a fridge, so it’s inevitable that smells can linger. Spilt food and microbes including moulds and bacteria that breed in damp areas are the known cause for bad fridge odour. That’s where fridge deodorisers can come to the rescue to solve any odorous issues! After a deep clean, simply place one in your fridge, and replace every few months to invite fresher smells.

Additional Food and Bottle Racks
 Purchasing additional bottle and food racks can help neatly organise your fridge and separate your food to avoid the risk of cross contamination. Since food and bottle racks are usually flat, items are made easy to store or layer, and you’re able to fully optimise the space within your fridge.

Fridge Alarm                     

We’ve all done it: rummaged absent-mindedly in the fridge to grab a tasty snack and forgot to close the door! Accidentally leaving the fridge open happens more often than you may think. It’s a common mistake which can lead to high energy bills and cold air escaping, which subsequently can result in food being spoilt. A trustworthy solution to this problem is through installing a fridge alarm which acts as a reminder to close the door, so you can feel rest assured that all your food goods are kept safe.

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