Super Creative Ideas That Will Stop Your Australian Vacation From Getting Bored

Sun, sea, and sand - they’re incredible and synonymous with Australia, but they never change. At least, they don’t if you go on the same vacation to the land down under year after year. Some people enjoy a few weeks in a country the size of a continent with zero responsibilities because it's freeing. Plus, it is about as far away from home as possible!

Still it is not the most exciting way to spend your vacation if you've been doing it for years. Now and again, it's important to mix things up a little so that the trip continues to stay fresh and exciting. You might think your holiday is excempt, yet it isn't.

Here, then, are four creative ways to have fun and try new things.

The start of your vacation begins when you arrive at the airport. Flying is not novel anymore, and the majority of passengers are used to minimal legroom and old movies on tiny screens. Don’t be one of these people. Instead, use your usual, run-of-the-mill habits to build up air miles on your credit card and upgrade you and your family to first-class. And yes, it’s as easy as it sounds. American Express’ Blue Delta is an excellent card as there is no annual fee, and you can collect points for everything from food to gas and eating at restaurants. Go one step further and upgrade your accommodation, too.

Wear Your Best Outfit
Family vacations especially are the kind where you get into a rut. You don’t mean to go to the same bars and restaurants, but it’s hassle-free and suitable for kids. So, wearing sweats and flip-flops isn’t unusual - it’s the norm! To look good is to feel good as glancing in the mirror and enjoying what is staring back is a fantastic way to boost your self-esteem. And, there’s no reason to pack your entire wardrobe. A handful of Ts, a draped dress, and a skirt with matching shoes are all you need to turn heads.

Have A Holiday Within A Holiday
Your vacation doesn’t have to plateau when you land at the airport. A holiday within a vacation is the best way to stay busy and have fun without adding extra stress to your routine. With a rental car, the best road trip ideas in Perth or any Aussie in the city aren’t pipedreams - they’re doable. With a travel operator, the once-in-a-lifetime sights and attractions, like Alice Rock, are straightforward to uncover. Its like researching and preparing in advance.

Don't Book in Advance
As crazy as it sounds, booking in advance is inflexible if you have a car and want to uncover more of the country. Driving let's you turn up to towns and cities off the beaten track and rent a room for however long you like. All you need is the courage, and some extra cash in case the prices are higher.

Of course, you can continue to lounge on a sunbed if that’s your thing. It’s your holiday and Australia is one of the greatest destinations in the world!

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