I Thought Baby Chrizs Is Okay

Yesterday morning, I woked up with Baby Chrizs having a fever of 38 degrees celsius. I gave him Paracetamol drops and he went back to sleep afterwards. When breakfast came, he was laughing on his godfathers funny antics and kicking. But, when afternoon came, he got runny nose. I went to see a doctor and asked what's the best remedy for a baby like him. I even told the doctor that he had a fever but when she touched him, there's none. The doctor told me to give him vitamin c and water. There's no suggestion for a medicine for his fever, since he was okay.

But around 4am Baby Chrizs cried. He has a fever and when I checked the temp it's still the same. After a few minutes, he chilled, so I give him 0.75ml paracetamol drops. I don't know what else to do because it's too early in the morning. I asked help from a neighbor who is online on Facebook. She suggested another brand for his fever and runny nose. She told me to try it. She suggested to bring my little son to the hospital if the fever will not go down. Sure, I will if fever persist!

Adgitize is Closing Down

At 9:30 in the evening, I received an email from Ken Brown. He's the owner of Adgitize, a program that sends traffic to your website and earn the bucks again if you become an Advertiser. The email states that Adgitize is closing down because "the costs to run the business were more than the revenues generated". Furthermore, on the 27th of December, there will be new accounts. Adgitize will shut it down. On the 1st day of January 2012, Adgitize will officially stop showing ads and all members publishers will not receive revenues. If you have ads running on them, they will refund it on assessment and divide it into your ad price.

Prorated portion of ad price means if you have an ad running and it expires on January 15th, 2012 then we will send you a PayPal payment of 15/31st of the purchase price. If the purchase price was $14 then you will receive $6.77 USD from Adgitize. We expect to make all payments to refund advertisers fees by January 4th, 2012. If you want payment by check then you will have to wait until after the 12th of January before we send those payments out. 

Payouts for publishers and affiliates for the month of December will run on the normal schedule and should be complete by January 10th, 2012, except for those requesting checks which won't be processed until January 12th, 2012. There is a processing fee of $5.00 per check if your preferred payment method is by check. All publishers with monies owed them who have given us a valid payment method will be paid from $0.01 USD and up.
 Adgitize is great especially for newbies. I become a member in Adgitize 2009 without understanding fully its process. I add it in my blogs with the given-codes. I didn't bother to add the rss (feeds) url in adgitize. All I know is gain 100 points in adgitizing and post an article everyday. But, now that I understand it, add my rss and will decide to renew it on January, Adgitize is closing down.

I am very sad with the news. One, traffic - Adgitize is the number one traffic source for this blog. Second, revenues' as a publisher. That is the reason why I want to renew it because for the 1st month $14, I will not earn anything. I did not adgitize and post articles everyday. Renewing the ad for $8 is the best option and chance to earn what I invest, little by little

After Adgitize, now what? We will be facing a new year without Adgitize and one source of income was taken down, again. There's nothing we can do but follow and look for another way to earn.

Baby Chrizs is Teething

Six months is the average age to get a first tooth. It was different for baby Chrizs. He got his first tooth at nine months. I taught someone taught him how to bite. He tried to put things like clothes and toys in his mouth to bite it. But, I was wrong. His godfather saw one tooth when Baby Chrizs smiled and laughed on his funny antics. I tried to take a photo of his tooth but when I ask to open his mouth or touch his mouth, he shows his tongue. :)

I would like to share "A New Parent's Guide", According from this site, some babies suffer from this symptoms when teething:

Irritability - The baby is irritable because it experiences sore tooth and pain when it rises closer to the gum's surface. Fortunately, Baby Chrizs is not fussy and irritated with it.

Drooling - Baby Chrizs starts drooling at 5 months and every one I met told me that his teething.

Coughing -It occurs when an extra saliva can cause your baby to cough. But there's nothing to worry about if there's no high fever.

Chin Rash - constant contact of saliva. I saw Baby Chrizs had this for a day. I put an ointment on his chin. Not entirely but only the little red spots on his chin.

Biting and Gnawing - Biting relieves the pressure from under baby's gums. Yes, Baby Chrizs puts clothes and other soft material on his mouth to bite. I always stop him from doing this because it's dirty. I give him a teether but he don't like it and throw it away. I wash a soft cloth, made of cotton material and let him gnaw it.

Cheek Rubbing and Ear Pulling - pains travels from gums to the ears and checks. Honestly, I saw my baby rubbing his cheek and pulling his ear but I do not have the idea until I read these symptoms. My heart sank. I'll check his ear and place a cold cloth on his cheek.

Diarrhea - Fortunately, baby Chrizs did not suffer from any diarrhea up until this time. If your baby has this symptom while teething, please inform your doctor.

Low-grade Fever - slight fever occurs perhaps on babies who can really handle the pain. I am happy that Baby Chrizs did not have a fever, hopefully.

Not Sleeping Well - it is due to the pain that he could not sleep well. During night time, Baby Chrizs can hardly sleep at night. He cries and had nightmares (ex: crying while asleep and throws fit). I have to wake him up and carry him to comfort.

Cold symptoms (ex: runny nose) - Call a doctor when cold symptoms occur. Sometimes, Baby Chrizs sneezes but no runny nose. What I did is give him his vitamins and fruits like lemon juice. These are the source for vitamins C which is good for protecting the immune system.
If all these symptoms occur and persist, please inform your doctor.

Merry Christmas To One and All

It's Christmas but we're suffering from difficulties and hardships! It's always a challenge, though. It is not easy to set our feet to move forward, immediately. But then, let bygones be bygones! 

Let's thank God for the chance to live and pass through difficult times. 

In behalf of my family, with all our hearts,
Merry Christmas everyone!

Just Arrived... Not so good news, yesterday!

I just arrived errr.. it's 7 hours ago and it's a late post! I took a nap after, for about 4 hours. Oh, is that a nap or sleep? My feet is aching and tired from walking around the two malls! That's North Edsa and SM Fairview! At North Edsa, I went there to exchange the Yoshinoya's P500 worth of gift certificates (I won in Jayson Biadog's contest) and Skin Food voucher from Chic and Sassy Homemaker. I did not have a chance to take a photo of the food because we devoured it, immediately. Also, I forgot to take a photo of Skin Food with the Golden Kiwi gift set. Well, you can call me, Ms. Forgetful! Will blog about it, tonight.

The not-so-good news is that my wallet was stolen from my bag while I'm on my way out from SM Fairview to cross the streets and ride on a bus. I am so tired and it's night time, time to rush home. Both my hands were full of green bags, so, I had no chance to secure my body bag. Good thing, the coins, SS ID and cellphone were separated in different bag pockets. What that lady pick pocket got is my Philhealth card (renewable), atm card (closed account), receipts, coins from Charms and Crystal that needs blessing and more or less than 300 worth of money. My wallet is bulky because of the cards and receipts but little cash.

When I arrived home, another stolen situation made my ears red, again! This time, it's an online gaming items. One of the shop gamer stole an item from another shop gamer. I hope he reads this post because I'm not afraid to intervene even if my husband tried to stop me. He's a bad influence!

It's 6:30am and I need to get back to sleep, at least before my baby wakes up for his morning breakfast and bath. Good vibes, everyone! :)

Plea for Help for the victims of Typhoon Sendong!

I know some people are busy buying gifts, new clothes and food for Christmas. They are spending thousands along for the celebration. But, how about sparing a dime, your old/used clothes for the typhoon victims? I think it won't hurt your pocket for this plea for Help. Now is the time for us all to help each other for the victims of Typhoon Sendong.Let's set aside the political interests and political wars. This is the time, a challenge to everyone to lend a hand and HELP the victims of typhoon sendong.

Below is the information on how you can help in:

A) Cagayan de Oro ( Courtesy of Pinay Mommy Online )

a] Volunteers - to repack and deliver relief goods.
DSWD Cagayan de Oro (Masterson Road, Upper Carmen)
Contact nos.: +639066150095 / +63 8822 858 8892

b] Cash or In-Kind Donations
Circlce Productions Inc.
drop off point - Max Restaurant Limketkai Mall - Look for Francis

c] Cash, Foods, Clothes and Other Useful Items
Xavier University Relief Center - Relief Operation
Xavier University - Kristohanong Katilingban Sa Pagpakabana Social Involvement Office (XU KKP-SIO)

Cash and Check:
Xavier University 
BPI CDO - Divisoria Branch 
BPI Account Number: 9331 0133 63

Donation via SMS 
Text RED AMOUNT to 2899 (Globe) or 4143 (Smart)

Any Cebuana Lhuillier Pawnshop (Nationwide) Cash Donations

Manila Donation Center:
NN-Superferry Corporate Ticket Outlets in:
  • Robinson's Ermita
  • Araneta Center Cubao
  • Victory Mall Caloocan
  • Pier 15
  • Pier 2
  • NN-ATS Express Center at Pier 2

Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan (Account Name/Payee)
Bank of Philippine Islands Loyola-Katipunan Branch
BPI Peso Checking Account No. 3081-1111-61
BPI Dollar Savings Account No. 3084-0420-12

Paypal Donations:
CDO Bloggers

B) Iligan City Donations, you can send donations to:

ONE FOR ILIGAN (Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc.)
c/o Calda Pizza, The Strip,
Quezon Avenue, Pala-o, Iligan City 9200

In Cash:
Account Name: Revilla N. Carbonell-Noel
Union Bank Account No.: 109451077611

In Paypal Donations:
Paypal ID - singcol.inquisitor@gmail.com

For more information on Iligan City's donation, please click this link.

Courtesy of Paula, BC Bloggers:
Also, you can send donations through RED CROSS as little as P5 using your cell phones. Here's how:

For Globe subscribers:
via SMS, c/o Red Cross – text RED amount and send to 2899 – valid donation amounts are P5, 25, 50, 100, 300, 500 and 1000 (For ex, RED 10). A transaction is free.
via GCASH, text DONATE-space- amount- space- MPIN-space -REDCROSS and send to 2882

For Smart subscribers:
via SMS, c/o Red Cross – text RED amount and send to 4143 – valid donation amounts are P10, 25, 50, 100, 300, 500, 1000 (For ex, RED 10). 

Donations via Paypal or Credit Card:

A Family in Hunger

In 2006, I stayed in Makati, looking for a job and budget was so tight that I can hardly buy for food. My funds were draining in my pocket. I am not ashamed to tell that some of my housemates had given me a free meal and or free snacks. In which, I am thankful because I haven't eaten for that day, though. I did not tell them that I haven't eaten anything. I satisfy myself with water and another glass of water with pinch of salt.

One night at 6pm - 7pm, I saw a family in one corner, eating left overs in a garbage site owned by one of the Inns in Makati. The father is looking for food in the garbage. While the mother is dividing the food and give it to her two children who were very hungry. I stop on my tracks and thought, "This is the real epitome of a family in hunger and difficulty".From what I saw, I can say, we are very lucky, even if we are grappling with financial difficulties. Still, we are lucky because we eat good food not in garbage. Sleep in a soft bed, I wonder where and how they sleep.

I share this because it is not only one family that strive against hunger! There are millions of families who need our help.  Would you mind giving half of the food in your plate? Let's help United Nations World Food programme for a  fight for Hunger Crisis Worldwide! You can help save lives!

Interested to give? Just click the banner below or the badge in my side bar. 

Thank you very much!

Mañana Habit

Last night, I saved a link and a title for today's post. Words were flowing in my mind that night but I did not bother to write it down or type and saved it as a draft. My thoughts said, "mamaya na lang" and do other online tasks, instead. I thought I can remember the words that flowed in my mind, again. But then, I was wrong. I faced the computer, blank. No creative juices flow. My mind is wandering on something else. Aside from it, I feel sleepy.

It seems I've done nothing right, today. Ah, that "mamaya ka lang" or mañana habit which means "will do it later" will stop. If not, there will be no productions and cash backs! I learn my lesson.

As I Walked Through Life by Emily Adams

Yesterday, I was googling "Walk Through Life" to check what page my website will show up. I found another site with the same title but differs with the url. Also, I stumbled an inspiring poem by Emily Adams entitled "As I Walked Through Life" and here's the poem:

I've learned-
that you can do something in an instant
that will give you heartache for life.

I've learned-
that you should always leave
loved ones with loving words.
It may be the last time you see them.

I've learned-
that you can keep going long after you can't.

I've learned-
that we are responsible for what we do,
no matter how we feel.

I've learned-
that either you control your
attitude or it controls you.

I've learned-
that money is a lousy way of keeping score.

I've learned-
that my best friend and I can do anything
or nothing and have the best time.

I've learned-
that sometimes when I'm angry
I have the right to be
angry, but that doesn't give me
the right to be cruel.

I've learned-
that just because someone doesn't love you the
way you want them to doesn't mean they
don't love you with all they have.

I've learned-
that no matter how good a friend is,
they're going to hurt you every once
in a while and you must forgive them for that.

I've learned-
that it isn't always enough to
be forgiven by others,
Sometimes you have to learn
to forgive yourself.

I've learned-
that just because two people argue, it doesn't
mean they don't love each other.

I've learned-
that two people can look at
the exact same thing
and see something totally different.

What do you think? The poem is inspiring and I loved every stanzas. It's the reality of our thoughts!

Baby Chrizs has Fallen Off The Bed 4x

I've been worried because Baby Chrizs has fallen off from our bed for the fourth time. I admit, it was negligence on the part of his father twice. Glad, he stumbled and hit the pillow on the floor. He's 8th months and very energetic! When he sleep, we placed him on the bed with big pillows on his side and a chair at the edge of the bed. Sometimes, I slept with him but when it happened, no one's around. He wakes up, move and crawls toward a certain object that caught his eye in silence.

This is the reason, I am dying to buy a crib for him. The crib is not only convenient for parents who do other things in the house. It prevents the fall of a baby who wakes up suddenly and crawled around in silence. I want to rant for the money from an online job that never came for months. It's annoying and depressing!

Anyway, my baby's godfather who's a hospital trustee had lend us the hospital crib. It's made of steel and look like a newborn crib to me. The crib is not wide but good enough for him to sleep. The railings are taller than my baby, so it's convenient. We'll satisfy ourselves with the hospital crib for the moment and worry later for the hospital owner's knowledge.

Scene That Breaks Me Into Tears

It's not a movie scene but a real life scene!

Thursday mid-morning, I went to the hospital kitchen to drink a glass of cold water. Along the way, I will pass the Pediatric room. A room for toddlers and kids who are patients of the hospital. While drinking the cold water, I can hear the bustling of nurse's and a mother's cry  which makes me wonder!

I went out of the kitchen and saw two men standing in the Pediatrics' door. One man said, "wala na!" which means, there's no hope. Out of curiosity, I peek at the door and saw a mother who turned her back on the child and cried. When I looked at the child, my heart's crushed. I pity him. His eyes are not blinking and blank. The child has a high fever and convulsing. His nose has an oxygen tube to help him breath.

After watching the child for a moment, I went to the shop and watched the computer screen, blankly. I can not take the child off my mind. I ran to the room because my eyes are burning with tears. My husband asked me what happened. I told him, I pity a child in pedia room and I want to help him but restrain myself. Medical staff like nurses were around to help him. I only know one for home cases especially for emergencies in which my mother taught me. My father had thrown me in the bed when I was a toddler. He thought I'm dead because I'm black and blue. But then, I cried when a relative who is also a midwife bite a part of my foot. Like the child, when I have a fever, I'll be in a convulsive pits.

Yesterday, the child went out of the hospital. He's alive and I hope his mother learns a lesson from being careless when it comes to his child's health.

Christmas Wish List

Three more weeks and it's Christmas! Do you have a list of christmas wish, all ready? That's good! Make sure, you give a bright smile to your godfathers and godmothers, as well. Make them hear you out loud!

Anyway, I created my list, too. Most of the things are for my baby and these are:

This photo is NOT MINE

1. Crib
I'm really dying to buy a crib for my baby. It doesn't matter if the crib is not branded as long as it's wide like the photo above. I prefer a pre-loved or christmas discounts because it's cheaper compared to regular prices. First, baby is very active, now. He likes to explore, crawl, kick, stand and slap both his hands like a tom-tom. He sleeps but wakes up in 20 mins when no one is sleeping with him. We're not around to look after him all the time especially when he's asleep. To be honest, he falls thrice, though. I am afraid of the effects mentally and emotionally on his fall. Glad his Angel is always there to catch him! Twice, the big pillow falls first and baby tumbles on it.

2. Cellphone
I think it's 2 - 3 years, that the key pad of my cell phone is broken. That's why, it's difficult for me to reply to messages sent to my cell phone. What I do is, I use Chikka, an online sms or borrow someone else's cellphone and create a message. The service charge for a broken key pad of a Nokia 7310 Super Nova is P800 to P1,000 pesos. I'm completely satisfied with my cell phone, keypad is the only problem! So, sponsors, I'm ringing your bell! :)

3. Baby Toys
Third wish, toys for my baby that stimulates his mind and fun in learning. It's christmas, there were a lot of bazaars and malls who offers sales and big discounts for this month. Wish I can buy one or two for my baby. Pre-loved toys is my second choice.

That's the top three on my lists! Hopefully, I can provide it for my baby! 

Merry Christmas To One and All!!