Baby Chrizs has Fallen Off The Bed 4x

I've been worried because Baby Chrizs has fallen off from our bed for the fourth time. I admit, it was negligence on the part of his father twice. Glad, he stumbled and hit the pillow on the floor. He's 8th months and very energetic! When he sleep, we placed him on the bed with big pillows on his side and a chair at the edge of the bed. Sometimes, I slept with him but when it happened, no one's around. He wakes up, move and crawls toward a certain object that caught his eye in silence.

This is the reason, I am dying to buy a crib for him. The crib is not only convenient for parents who do other things in the house. It prevents the fall of a baby who wakes up suddenly and crawled around in silence. I want to rant for the money from an online job that never came for months. It's annoying and depressing!

Anyway, my baby's godfather who's a hospital trustee had lend us the hospital crib. It's made of steel and look like a newborn crib to me. The crib is not wide but good enough for him to sleep. The railings are taller than my baby, so it's convenient. We'll satisfy ourselves with the hospital crib for the moment and worry later for the hospital owner's knowledge.

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