Scene That Breaks Me Into Tears

It's not a movie scene but a real life scene!

Thursday mid-morning, I went to the hospital kitchen to drink a glass of cold water. Along the way, I will pass the Pediatric room. A room for toddlers and kids who are patients of the hospital. While drinking the cold water, I can hear the bustling of nurse's and a mother's cry  which makes me wonder!

I went out of the kitchen and saw two men standing in the Pediatrics' door. One man said, "wala na!" which means, there's no hope. Out of curiosity, I peek at the door and saw a mother who turned her back on the child and cried. When I looked at the child, my heart's crushed. I pity him. His eyes are not blinking and blank. The child has a high fever and convulsing. His nose has an oxygen tube to help him breath.

After watching the child for a moment, I went to the shop and watched the computer screen, blankly. I can not take the child off my mind. I ran to the room because my eyes are burning with tears. My husband asked me what happened. I told him, I pity a child in pedia room and I want to help him but restrain myself. Medical staff like nurses were around to help him. I only know one for home cases especially for emergencies in which my mother taught me. My father had thrown me in the bed when I was a toddler. He thought I'm dead because I'm black and blue. But then, I cried when a relative who is also a midwife bite a part of my foot. Like the child, when I have a fever, I'll be in a convulsive pits.

Yesterday, the child went out of the hospital. He's alive and I hope his mother learns a lesson from being careless when it comes to his child's health.

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  1. Ofcourse it feels bad when you see someone in pain, but good to hear that the boy walked out of the hospital in good health. And i am sorry that you had to go through it when you were just a baby.