Baby Chrizs is Teething

Six months is the average age to get a first tooth. It was different for baby Chrizs. He got his first tooth at nine months. I taught someone taught him how to bite. He tried to put things like clothes and toys in his mouth to bite it. But, I was wrong. His godfather saw one tooth when Baby Chrizs smiled and laughed on his funny antics. I tried to take a photo of his tooth but when I ask to open his mouth or touch his mouth, he shows his tongue. :)

I would like to share "A New Parent's Guide", According from this site, some babies suffer from this symptoms when teething:

Irritability - The baby is irritable because it experiences sore tooth and pain when it rises closer to the gum's surface. Fortunately, Baby Chrizs is not fussy and irritated with it.

Drooling - Baby Chrizs starts drooling at 5 months and every one I met told me that his teething.

Coughing -It occurs when an extra saliva can cause your baby to cough. But there's nothing to worry about if there's no high fever.

Chin Rash - constant contact of saliva. I saw Baby Chrizs had this for a day. I put an ointment on his chin. Not entirely but only the little red spots on his chin.

Biting and Gnawing - Biting relieves the pressure from under baby's gums. Yes, Baby Chrizs puts clothes and other soft material on his mouth to bite. I always stop him from doing this because it's dirty. I give him a teether but he don't like it and throw it away. I wash a soft cloth, made of cotton material and let him gnaw it.

Cheek Rubbing and Ear Pulling - pains travels from gums to the ears and checks. Honestly, I saw my baby rubbing his cheek and pulling his ear but I do not have the idea until I read these symptoms. My heart sank. I'll check his ear and place a cold cloth on his cheek.

Diarrhea - Fortunately, baby Chrizs did not suffer from any diarrhea up until this time. If your baby has this symptom while teething, please inform your doctor.

Low-grade Fever - slight fever occurs perhaps on babies who can really handle the pain. I am happy that Baby Chrizs did not have a fever, hopefully.

Not Sleeping Well - it is due to the pain that he could not sleep well. During night time, Baby Chrizs can hardly sleep at night. He cries and had nightmares (ex: crying while asleep and throws fit). I have to wake him up and carry him to comfort.

Cold symptoms (ex: runny nose) - Call a doctor when cold symptoms occur. Sometimes, Baby Chrizs sneezes but no runny nose. What I did is give him his vitamins and fruits like lemon juice. These are the source for vitamins C which is good for protecting the immune system.
If all these symptoms occur and persist, please inform your doctor.

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