A Family in Hunger

In year 2006, I stayed in Makati, looking for a job and budget was so tight that I can hardly buy for food. My funds were draining in my pocket. I am not ashamed to tell that some of my housemates had given me a free meal and or free snacks. In which, I am thankful because I haven't eaten for that day, though. I did not tell them that I haven't eaten anything. I satisfy myself with water and another glass of water with pinch of salt.

One night at 6pm - 7pm, I saw a family in one corner, eating left overs in a garbage site owned by one of the Inns in Makati. The father is looking for food in the garbage. While the mother is dividing the food and give it to her two children who were very hungry. I stop on my tracks and thought, "This is the real epitome of a family in hunger and difficulty".From what I saw, I can say, we are very lucky, even if we are grappling with financial difficulties. Still, we are lucky because we eat good food not in garbage. Sleep in a soft bed, I wonder where and how they sleep.

I share this because it is not only one family that strive against hunger! There are millions of families who need our help.  Would you mind giving half of the food in your plate? Let's help United Nations World Food programme for a  fight for Hunger Crisis Worldwide! You can help save lives!

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Share food, change lives

Thank you very much!

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  1. Shame to the government leaders. They're the ones to blame sa walang kamatayang poverty issues na yan and it's everywhere.

    If I have it to give, I will but I can't help but wonder why the government- with all its might and power can do nothing about it.

    Anyway, thanks for visiting Kat's Box and Dice. Still under construction pa din. :D