I Thought Baby Chrizs Is Okay

Yesterday morning, I woked up with Baby Chrizs having a fever of 38 degrees celsius. I gave him Paracetamol drops and he went back to sleep afterwards. When breakfast came, he was laughing on his godfathers funny antics and kicking. But, when afternoon came, he got runny nose. I went to see a doctor and asked what's the best remedy for a baby like him. I even told the doctor that he had a fever but when she touched him, there's none. The doctor told me to give him vitamin c and water. There's no suggestion for a medicine for his fever, since he was okay.

But around 4am Baby Chrizs cried. He has a fever and when I checked the temp it's still the same. After a few minutes, he chilled, so I give him 0.75ml paracetamol drops. I don't know what else to do because it's too early in the morning. I asked help from a neighbor who is online on Facebook. She suggested another brand for his fever and runny nose. She told me to try it. She suggested to bring my little son to the hospital if the fever will not go down. Sure, I will if fever persist!

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  1. When the baby is having extraordinarily high fever,it is always suggested to sponge the baby with cold water to bring down the fever immediately.A few drops of paracetomol every 4-5 hours should be given .Never dress the baby in jerseys and heavy clothing when the baby has fever.A light cotton vest would do.Hope your baby gets well soon.Get the advice of medical experts always.