First Night Nerves: How to Breeze that Nerve-Wracking First Date

It takes a while to be truly comfortable in another person’s company and when you are searching for love those first night nerves can be hard to overcome when your eyes are due to meet for the first time.

Baby Steps in Learning How To Blog

how to blog for the first time

If you decide to start blogging, the 2 most important "Must Haves" are an Internet and Computer or Laptop. As of now, I have read that there are some who use their cell phone. There are apps that can do that trick. I will not go further because I have no idea about it, yet.

Jewelry Candles Giveaway 5 Prizes to 5 Winners

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After a hectic schedule from work, I'm always looking forward to a luxurious and relaxing bubble bath with Yoga music played in the background. Talking about a bubble bath, I tried to place the water in the bath tub with a bath bomb! Then, a jewelry candle nearby is nice, if you want to add that. This is the "me' time, Yay! For me, it is so relaxing. A bubbly bubble bath with lukewarm water. It relieves the word "stress" and muscle pains. Then, slowly sponge my self from dirt and life worries. Hah! It becomes so dramatic. I love the "me" time! Now, I want to share it with you. Here's a video of what a bath bomb looks and what it does after you place it in the water.

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The Best Ways to Stay Cool Inside on a Hot Day

As winter turns to spring, you'll find yourself eagerly looking forward to the warmer temperatures. Those temperatures will keep rising though, which may make you wonder how you will stay cool and withstand those hot days. This is especially true when the humidity level rises. When the humidity climbs high enough, a 90 degree Fahrenheit day can feel like it hits 90 degrees or even higher. On even the hottest of days, there are still a few ways you can stay cool while stuck inside.

Loosen Up Your Hair in a Natural Way

hair challenge, stress

Juggling work and home is not an easy task. You have to find your balance in order to avoid so much stress. 

Medical studies show that common causes of stress are the interconnection, such as work issues, family-related problems, the lack of time and illness. If left untreated for a long time, it might lead to an immune deficiency that causes a disorder like hair loss. A lot of us can confirm that we experience a constant hair fall, especially at the height of stress. When at its peak, our white blood cells attack the follicles thus causing alopecia. Thus, anxiety can drive your hair into a prolonged resting phase. It is called telogen effluvium. The stress experienced in our body can generate hair loss symptoms. If it's not treated well, the result is an early baldness. Are you worried about it? Nothing to worry about hun, if you can manage it. Here are a few steps on how you can manage it:

The Broken Link Checker

broken link, 404 error
If you have noticed from previous months, I have only 1 to 3 posts. The reason is that I focused mostly, on cleaning my blog posts from broken links and errors like 404, 500, schema and others. This is an SEO thing. I am not an expert in this field because I depend mostly on what I had researched through Google. If I find a website that is easy to understand, then I pause to read it before applying it on my blog. Also, as much as possible, I looked for the nearest year it was published. Every year, there are a lot of updates and changes.

Since my blogging platform is Blogger or Blogspot, I'll be facing HTML codes. I made sure that the guide published is easy to understand with or without photos. I will do the editing, manually. I'm not sure if there's another way to do it. All I know it's manual when it comes to Blogger or Blogspot platform.

As I've said above, I clean my blog with the help of posts that I researched as well as the link. I'll be sharing those links and the errors I've encountered on my blog.