Baby Steps in Learning How To Blog

how to blog for the first time

If you decide to start blogging, the 2 most important "Must Haves" are an Internet and Computer or Laptop. As of now, I have read that there are some who use their cell phone. There are apps that can do that trick. I will not go further because I have no idea about it, yet.

Blogging Platform A blogging platform is where you write your own articles to publish. There are FREE blogging platforms for starters like Blogger, Wix, Tumblr and much more. Blog Templates Now that you decide which platform you want to publish your articles, it's time to look for blog templates. There are free in each blogging platform, though. Be careful because there are templates that are used as a prey to spammers of fake traffics. You can now start writing and publishing your articles. Create Your Social Media Profile While writing, or after you write, you have to create your own social media profile. These are Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and much more. Then, add those social media widgets to your website for your readers to follow you. Don't worry because you will find a website with photos that will guide you on how to do it. Now, there are a lot of widgets to add-on a website for tracking your visitors, etcetera. But, it depends on you if you want it clean and minimal. If the purpose of creating a blog is only to share your thoughts and creativity like a poem. In my own opinion, I don't think you need to go and stress yourself in coding. But, if you know how to do it then, that's a plus. But, if you are into product reviews and building followers, I guess, you have to learn more on the e-how on blogging. As I have said be Google friendly. Do some research.

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  1. One step at a time is the way to go!
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