The Best Ways to Stay Cool Inside on a Hot Day

As winter turns to spring, you'll find yourself eagerly looking forward to the warmer temperatures. Those temperatures will keep rising though, which may make you wonder how you will stay cool and withstand those hot days. This is especially true when the humidity level rises. When the humidity climbs high enough, a 90 degree Fahrenheit day can feel like it hits 90 degrees or even higher. On even the hottest of days, there are still a few ways you can stay cool while stuck inside.

Get a Tune Up
Stay at the perfect temperature all summer long with a quick tune up of your AC system. HVAC Hampton VA companies can do the simple maintenance that your system needs to keep up with the rising temperatures. Technicians can check the filters for any clogs or tears, let you know if the system needs any replacement parts and get your HVAC system purring like a kitten. They can even take care of any of the loud noises or unusual sounds that you hear coming from that system and ensure that it will be ready to tackle the cooler days next winter.

Cut Out the Light
Any light that you let into your home can significantly increase the temperature of your home. This includes the overhead lights in a room as well as the sunlight that streams through your windows. Turning off all the lights in your home can help you cool down, but you'll want to turn off any electronics that produce a lot of light too. Avoid using your computer, oven and other appliances as much as possible. Hanging blackout drapes on your windows will block out the natural sunlight that increases the temperature of your home also.

Enjoy Cool Treats
Summer is the perfect time to let your inner child come out to play. Enjoying some sweet treats can make any grown up feeling like a kid again. Keep your freezer stocked with plenty of ice cream and iced desserts. You can pick up your own machine and make ice cream from scratch, and you can make cold desserts in frozen molds. Treat the pets in your family to cold treats that you make from beef or chicken stock too. With cool treats, cutting down on the light available and tuning up your AC system, you can stay cool on any hot day.

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