Vivo Endorsers are Dropping Hints on The Next Flagship

Vivo’s Filipino endorsers have been throwing hints on their social media accounts that something new is coming soon.

Teen King Daniel Padilla posted a photo of himself with a gradient pink and blue background and the words “Go Beyond,” tagging Vivo Philippines' account.

The Vivo All-New Screen Design Charms the World

Vivo, the global smartphone brand that is known for innovative technology has wow the world. It has also been a pioneer of various consumer-centric smartphone designs.

Starting August 20, the fastest growing smartphone brand has teased tech savvy followers with a series of mysterious videos posted on its social media pages. The latest wasa video of the moon with its shape emphasized by a curved line, a hint of the look of the next flagship smartphone.

Is Your Traffic Ticket Worth Fighting and What To Do If It Is?

traffic ticket, traffic violation

After you receive a traffic ticket, you might wonder if it is worth fighting the ticket. Will the cost of hiring a ticket lawyer, offset the savings received from a reduced or dismissed charge? The short answer is relatively easy. In almost all cases, it is best to consult with a legal team experienced in traffic issues. At the very least, it is worth having a free consultation to determine what services the lawyer provides and what the fees would be.

How Does Beacon Resources Go About Screening Their Candidates?

beacon resources, recruitment agency
In looking for work, some clients want the right person for the job without waiting weeks or months to fill an open position. With our careful candidate screening process, we ensure that the employees we provide have the skills and knowledge to get up to speed quickly. The companies we work with count on us to staff individual roles and even entire finance departments.

Childhood Memories with My Father

father and daughter

I am daddy's little girl. We are two siblings. I'm the eldest. My father will wake me up in the evening because he brought a gallon of ice cream. When it is time for mushrooms, he whistles or calls me to get a basket. Sometimes, we go out on a bamboo-made raft to fish. My fishing pole is small. Then, he will swing it for me. Oh, I'm the first one who caught the fish! Hooray!