Childhood Memories with My Father

father and daughter

I am daddy's little girl. We are two siblings. I'm the eldest. My father will wake me up in the evening because he brought a gallon of ice cream. When it is time for mushrooms, he whistles or calls me to get a basket. Sometimes, we go out on a bamboo-made raft to fish. My fishing pole is small. Then, he will swing it for me. Oh, I'm the first one who caught the fish! Hooray!

My father worked in a car company as a Car Sales Manager. One of the benefits or advantage of that is a FREE service car. As a child, I'm very excited to ride it. He would fetch me from school. I'm happy seeing him with a car. We travel wherever we want to go. We visit my grandparents every weekend. Oftentimes, I would tag along if my father has clients who showed interests. Life is not always at the top. My father sold the car to pay the hospital bills.
red car, wedding
The bride is my father's first cousin

My cousin (whom I haven't met, yet) posted on Facebook a photo of a car. In her caption, she said, "Who own's this car?". I answered that it was our car. It brings back memories from my childhood. The woman near it who wore bridal wear is her mom.

father, dad
This is my father.

My father loves cars and knowledge remains. You can ask him anything about it. Whenever you have a problem with the automotive parts, ask him. You'll be surprised by his suggestions and answers that leave you satisfied. 

My father is gone, though. I regret the time that I wasn't able to take care of him.  There were a lot of hurdles between us, though. Distance and low finances had kept us apart. Now, you are with Mama. You will always stay in our heart. Thank you, Papa.

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