I pray

For my father, 
who is far away from me, would remain strong and healthy;
that God will give him more strength and bless him amid her loneliness.

For my mother
is always with us watching us up from above;

For my only brother,
will glow in God’s light;
that God will touch his heart and mind;

For my baby, 
will developed into a healthy one;

For my beau, 
to remain strong and healthy;
I thank him for his understanding and supportive ways;

For God will give us all,

the strength amid all the hurdles we are facing;
the blessings to remain in faith towards each other;
that God will touch our hearts for meekness and humbleness.

I pray that we will all-ways be healthy. Have peace in our hearts!
Thank you very much, Lord. I will always be!

What if I have a $100 million?

It’s only a part of my own imagination - dreamy world. A thought that played in my mind when I lay down in bed for a rest. Things I want to do but can not do to help. Yes, what if?

Of course, I’ll buy my own dream house and lot with furnishings and complete it with important and useful things. My dream house is simple and one-storey but convenient. Save some in the bank and working at home is a good place to be.

The other tasks to do are:
  • Get my father to stay with me with an ally
  • Transfer the burial remains of my mother from Butuan to Iligan Private Cemetery
  • Pay my father’s debt that rose up to more than a million
  • Help my father’s brother and sisters in the court against the former employees of Valderrama, a logging company. The land is owned by my grandmother.
  • Settle the dispute between the land ownership of Valderrama with my relatives and come up with a good and reasonable solution between the two erring parties.

Things will settle down, so, it's time to splurge my father and my family with an enjoyable swimming in the pool with goodies and foodies.

On the Preggy Thing

The truth: 
It never crossed my mind that I am pregnant; from being nauseated, dizziness and headache. I even thought that the big amount of food intake was abnormal.

What’s going on? That question spins like a wheel in my mind. My food intake has changed. Now, I look even bigger. That worries me because I am already overweight. 

A nurse suggested buying a home kit of pregnancy test worth 50pesos only. After I used it, the result has two lines. The second line was blurred but according to the nurses and a doctor it’s positive even if it’s blurred. The doctor gave me Folate acid, a vitamin that will help the baby healthy. She told me continue taking the vitamin everyday whatever happens. I think the doctor was aware that I am not convinced of the result.

Yes, I took another pregnancy test with a Med-Tech and it’s positive. The result again has two lines and both lines are clear.

Question is how many weeks/months is my baby? I forgot the exact date because I am wondering if I ever have a period in the month of July. That is why I am waiting for August, observing if I have a period. It did for a day and then few days after the morning sickness.

Guess, I need a trans-v ultrasound to determine the exact date.Whoa!

I am Pregnant!

Yes, the result is positive! Yay, I'm pregnant? I couldn't believe my ears. I feel like I was dreaming. Please don't get me wrong because I'll be 38 years old next month. I've never been pregnant before. So, this is my first.

After learning the result, I can not sleep. I feel like walking in a dreamland. My feelings were great that I posted three articles, right away. I grabbed the opportunity and had done blog hopping that day (Sept 1). Sometimes, I feel swooning, my head aches and sleepy after.

Late Post: The Illness

I admit I am not a coffee drinker because after drinking two sachets for two days, I give up. My beau loves it because he bought a pack of the said coffee. What I did, when he have a cup, I ask for a sip or three and that’s it.

This happened last week of August. I was scared when I have this bleeding. In my mind, I have two options:

  1. Mother died from Cervical Cancer. I was advised by an ob to have a pap smear twice a year for detection. I was diagnosed with a coccobacilli shift in flora. First detection was last July 2001 and second was November 2008. She directly told me the truth that I am a cancer candidate. The long period of bacteria can cause cancer. No one knows what kind of cancer. She advised me to have a papsmear twice a year. This advised was not followed for financial reasons.
  2. It’s a preggy thing because of the vomiting, nausea, headaches and craving of food. 
Well, I tried my own remedies without positive results until I asked a friend nurse who passed by the shop. She advised me to buy a pregnancy test kit in the pharmacy for only 50pesos. Also, she agreed bleeding is one symptoms of cancer.

So, I bought one sachet of pregnancy test kit. The result is POSITIVE!!

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From the bottom of my heart,
Thank you, Thank you very much!!