What if I have a $100 million?

It’s only a part of my own imagination - dreamy world. A thought that played in my mind when I lay down in bed for a rest. Things I want to do but can not do to help. Yes, what if?

Of course, I’ll buy my own dream house and lot with furnishings and complete it with important and useful things. My dream house is simple and one-storey but convenient. Save some in the bank and working at home is a good place to be.

The other tasks to do are:
  • Get my father to stay with me with an ally
  • Transfer the burial remains of my mother from Butuan to Iligan Private Cemetery
  • Pay my father’s debt that rose up to more than a million
  • Help my father’s brother and sisters in the court against the former employees of Valderrama, a logging company. The land is owned by my grandmother.
  • Settle the dispute between the land ownership of Valderrama with my relatives and come up with a good and reasonable solution between the two erring parties.

Things will settle down, so, it's time to splurge my father and my family with an enjoyable swimming in the pool with goodies and foodies.