Late Post: The Illness

I admit I am not a coffee drinker because after drinking two sachets for two days, I give up. My beau loves it because he bought a pack of the said coffee. What I did, when he have a cup, I ask for a sip or three and that’s it.

This happened last week of August. I was scared when I have this bleeding. In my mind, I have two options:

  1. Mother died from Cervical Cancer. I was advised by an ob to have a pap smear twice a year for detection. I was diagnosed with a coccobacilli shift in flora. First detection was last July 2001 and second was November 2008. She directly told me the truth that I am a cancer candidate. The long period of bacteria can cause cancer. No one knows what kind of cancer. She advised me to have a papsmear twice a year. This advised was not followed for financial reasons.
  2. It’s a preggy thing because of the vomiting, nausea, headaches and craving of food. 
Well, I tried my own remedies without positive results until I asked a friend nurse who passed by the shop. She advised me to buy a pregnancy test kit in the pharmacy for only 50pesos. Also, she agreed bleeding is one symptoms of cancer.

So, I bought one sachet of pregnancy test kit. The result is POSITIVE!!


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  2. You sound excited, so Congratulations!!! I really like what you've done with your blog and am excited to read more of it.

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  4. Sure ka dear.......!!!!! wow, first ba to? kung feeing nauseated ka... luy-a wag mu lang nguyain --- suck the luy-a dear!... that's what I do yung preggy ko...

    wait which reminds to to have my paps smear too... hay.. women...

    Anyway, congrats....

  5. @Michie yup :) - Thanks.

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