On the Preggy Thing

The truth: 
It never crossed my mind that I am pregnant; from being nauseated, dizziness and headache. I even thought that the big amount of food intake was abnormal.

What’s going on? That question spins like a wheel in my mind. My food intake has changed. Now, I look even bigger. That worries me because I am already overweight. 

A nurse suggested buying a home kit of pregnancy test worth 50pesos only. After I used it, the result has two lines. The second line was blurred but according to the nurses and a doctor it’s positive even if it’s blurred. The doctor gave me Folate acid, a vitamin that will help the baby healthy. She told me continue taking the vitamin everyday whatever happens. I think the doctor was aware that I am not convinced of the result.

Yes, I took another pregnancy test with a Med-Tech and it’s positive. The result again has two lines and both lines are clear.

Question is how many weeks/months is my baby? I forgot the exact date because I am wondering if I ever have a period in the month of July. That is why I am waiting for August, observing if I have a period. It did for a day and then few days after the morning sickness.

Guess, I need a trans-v ultrasound to determine the exact date.Whoa!


  1. wow congrats, its really ablessing to have a baby...

  2. congrats! my husband and i are trying to conceive and we're hoping we'll have the same results like you did. =)

  3. Congratulations! I am so happy for you!


  4. Congratulations! Keep us posted. I remember how excited I was when I learned that I was pregnant.

    I followed your blog. I hope you visit my blog too.