I pray

For my father, 
who is far away from me, would remain strong and healthy;
that God will give him more strength and bless him amid her loneliness.

For my mother
is always with us watching us up from above;

For my only brother,
will glow in God’s light;
that God will touch his heart and mind;

For my baby, 
will developed into a healthy one;

For my beau, 
to remain strong and healthy;
I thank him for his understanding and supportive ways;

For God will give us all,

the strength amid all the hurdles we are facing;
the blessings to remain in faith towards each other;
that God will touch our hearts for meekness and humbleness.

I pray that we will all-ways be healthy. Have peace in our hearts!
Thank you very much, Lord. I will always be!


  1. I like your blog so much! it's so cute and the posts are interesting.. =) I'm just new in blogging and still learning.. your site is an inspiration..=) hope you can also visit mine.. thank you and God bless!

  2. Lisa,
    These are very strong but very beautiful words in the form of a prayer. I remember when you told me about a poem I wrote about my wife, that when you read it, you felt "kilig". Now I felt that when I read this post. Thank you for sharing.

    James / Poemsfromtheheart.us

  3. Lisa my dear.. kamusta kana? long time no hear... wow galing naman gumawa ng prayer ... sige sista.. good bless sa baby.. baby shower kanaman.. virtual nga lang hehehe.. di ko alam paano gawin yan..hahaha..

    salamat diay sa search.. totoo confused monkey talaga ako name ng flower na yun.. hahaha...

  4. You have a very inspiring blog! Especially the blog about Mother's Day but.... we are the same. My mom also had passed away. I am your follower now Sis Liza!

  5. A very powerful and heartfelt prayer. You know, I read somewhere that prayers uttered by mothers are the best prayers in the world! I find solace in that :)

  6. a very inspiring and touching post :) Let's all keep the faith :)