Frozen Dreams

Another gray spot of my life has resurfaced, again. I put it behind but I can not help letting it grow, again. The memory of frozen dreams is crushing my emotions. These are my broken dreams and wishes. I'm dying to buy a crib for my son and invest in a small online business of reloading. But, it went to a puff when I've been waiting for a certain moolah for a few months now. It crushes my heart and soul.

Is this what, another failure of broken dreams? Broken dream makes my heart ache, silently.  It makes my heart cry and agonized my soul. Guess, I have to give it up. Slowly, it heals but will leave a scar and lessons to uphold. Time can tell when this heartache vanish. Perhaps, when the sun starts to shine again, in time.

Thank You, Mommy Peh!

I am really, really surprised, Mommy Peh! Thank you very much! 
 I have fun eating these chocolates! I devoured it, though!
My husband asked me to give him one of the M & M's!
It's a SWEET SURPRISE from Make or Break!

Orange Oil Secretions

Warning! I used words that are only for adults and terms that are unpleasant to some people! Stop and don't read any further.

Two days ago, I woke up in the morning feeling greasy! "What's wrong from my behind?", I asked myself. I am overweight and sometimes, we have oil secretions from behind. So, I think it is normal! I stood up from my bed and went out to the restroom to pee. I'm surprised on what I saw! Oil secretions flow and bubble in the water of a toilet bowl. It has an unpleasant smell. After seeing it, my mind race to a thousand negative possibilities that leads to fear. I thought that it's a symptom of a breast cancer because my breast is painful that time. Also, I thought that it's cervical cancer because I witness my mom's secretion when she had it, but it's not orange. I want to ask a doctor about it but then I feel ashamed and what if? What if he will tell the medical staff etcetera... 

So, I tried to calm myself and remember the internet. I sat down in one of the computers and searched for the strange oil that secretes from behind. I found the answer! It is caused by a fish named as Escolar
Photo Credits: Hard Labor is Seriously Ruining My Manicure
I remember now, our dinner was an Escolar fish known as Gindara in Tagalog. I told my husband about it and he's surprised that I ate it. When he tried to eat it, he vomited. Whenever my mother cooked this fish, she would fry it. Unlike the other day, it was stewed with vinegar, salt, and spices.

Be careful when you eat this fish!

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FDA: Photos of Commercial Product - Escolar
Hard Labor Is Seriously Ruining My Manicure

PEOPLE'S Sexiest Man Alive - Bradley Cooper

When I opened the homepage in Firefox browser, I can't help but stare at this gorgeous blue-eyed guy. He kept distracting me while I try to create another post. From the back of my mind, an image had emerged from a movie that made my jaw dropped. I can vaguely remember the scene. A little boy called the leading lady's attention and informed her that he got a surprise. They went to a nearby bush and saw a man behind it with one red rose in his mouth. When he stand and the camera gets closer, I said, "WOW!". My heart skips a beat. It's his eyes that mesmerized me.His red lips that look succulent to kiss. Those are the years when I love to watch movies on-screen

I wonder if the guy I saw is Bradley Cooper. It seems he's introduced in that movie because that's the last sequence where he emerged from the bushes. I searched the internet for his photos online and this is what I found.

Baby Chrizs Won Pic of the Week from Momcenter

Momcenter Philippines is a parenting forum for babies and mommies that exchange advises, information in different stages as your child grows. They are holding a contest every week for the Best Pic in different categories sponsored by Kodak Philippines. Little Chrizs is under Baby Category.
Print Screen from Momcenter Philippines
The contestant will ask friends and relatives to vote. I would take this opportunity to thank all my Facebook friends who voted for my baby especially the mommies from Filipina Bloggers United. Thank you very, very much! Thank you Momcenter Philippines!

Baby Chrizs on His Walker

While, I am imagining the two items to buy because I haven't received the amount, yet. My husband bought a walker for our baby last week. It is only 560pesos in Sapang Palay, Bulacan. He prefer to buy the item in that place than in a mall. He saves more and got what he bargained for. In the mall, a walker costs more than one thousand pesos.

We tried it for Baby Chrizs, as expected, he cried and afraid to get into his new walker. I guess that's okay because, it's his first time to stay in a mobile, on his own. He's use to being carried around in mommy and daddy's arms. In time, he'll get used to walking all by himself.

When A Married Man Cheats For Another Woman

When a man has another woman, we are blind by love and trust to even notice it. Perhaps, we're too busy with our work, house chores and caring with our babies. But hey, did you notice something different? Based from my experience, I did but still hoping and crossing my fingers that he didn't. I tried to ignore it because of the word TRUST, the word came out from my mouth, full of heart. I know this subject is debatable, but I would like to share this not by breaking your heart but giving awareness and knock on a woman's heart. It is not applicable to all men because each one is different. Now, let's start:

Cellphone/Mobile phone
Once you look and touch his phone gadget, you're five feet below the ground. He acts like a possessed man. He's furious why you touched it. The situation is reverse! He would suddenly say, "Don't you trust me?"  Some men will hide and turned off their cellphone. If you noticed it and read messages, they are ready for an alibi or delete it.

Of course, when he's courting you, he sprays cologne all over to impress you with good smells. When you're living together, sometimes he skips a bath or doesn't even bother that he smells. As his partner you'll buy perfume and persuade him to clean himself. One day, you noticed, he's taking a bath, whisk perfume with a twinkle in his eyes and a dreamy smile before he goes out.  I'll cross my fingers!

He arrived home and fuming mad on you (Always). If he meets a fight on the street, then why will he unload it on you? It seems there is no conversation without a fight. You're clueless!

I always noticed this! When a man look at you and say, "How pitiful my partner is?"  You feel warm and grateful but watch out! He pity you because YOU have no clue, what he's doing behind your back. I walked like I have no head that time. Everyone ones while I don't.

Now, ladies, if a concerned person tells you that your partner have an affair with another woman, stay calm and breathe. Please, when you confront the man, DO NOT tell him who the person is or where you got the information. Be thankful instead and keep it secret as much as possible. Sometimes, the man will try to discriminate and brain-washed you. He would try to turn the table against the person who told you. Sometimes, he would say, "Who told you because I will sue them to court!". Then, you think, "Ah, it's not true!" You're wrong! He was trying to cover the truth.

Shopping Loots from SM City Fairview

There's a lot of Sale from October until December and I am itching to go, window shop and unwind. October 28 - 30 was a Pre-Holiday sale in SM City Fairview and I have a chance to go alone and shop a few items.

                                         1 Watsons Natural Shine and Bouncy Cream 
                                         1 HBC's Body Recipe Milk + Day Cream
                                         Product Samples from Pond's Facebook Contest.

For my baby, I bought pre-loved books from Books for Less. While the puzzled mat and character mat (not in photo) were bought from Toy Kingdom. These are the things I bought aside from the groceries and baby bath's product.

Oh by the way, today November 12 is the simultaneous launching of SM Supermalls Grand ChrisSMs. Go and visit the SM Supermall branch nearest you. Witness and have fun!

It's A Blessing To Meet Her

It's a blessing to meet my neighbor from Iligan City. She's my neighbor when I was a little girl. My grandparents and her parents were very close to each other. You really can't tell! It's a blessing that I meet her here in the place where I am staying. I am very thankful especially for my son. She works as a nurse in a pediatrics clinic. She gives vaccination to a baby per doctor's instruction.

Honestly, I don't have a Pediatrician for my child. Aside from financial drain, I'm meticulous when it comes to a doctor. What others has to say, is important to me. I create a mental note of it. Most of the time, a resident doctor checks my son's health.

I think our meeting is God's blessing. Now, I have a pediatrician nearby. After this holiday, we'll go there for a walk and a visit. Thank you, Lord..