PEOPLE'S Sexiest Man Alive - Bradley Cooper

When I opened the homepage in Firefox browser, I can't help but stare at this gorgeous blue-eyed guy. He kept distracting me while I try to create another post. From the back of my mind, an image had emerged from a movie that made my jaw dropped. I can vaguely remember the scene. A little boy called the leading lady's attention and informed her that he got a surprise. They went to a nearby bush and saw a man behind it with one red rose in his mouth. When he stand and the camera gets closer, I said, "WOW!". My heart skips a beat. It's his eyes that mesmerized me.His red lips that look succulent to kiss. Those are the years when I love to watch movies on-screen

I wonder if the guy I saw is Bradley Cooper. It seems he's introduced in that movie because that's the last sequence where he emerged from the bushes. I searched the internet for his photos online and this is what I found.

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