Frozen Dreams

Another gray spot of my life has resurfaced, again. I put it behind but I can not help letting it grow, again. The memory of frozen dreams is crushing my emotions. These are my broken dreams and wishes. I'm dying to buy a crib for my son and invest in a small online business of reloading. But, it went to a puff when I've been waiting for a certain moolah for a few months now. It crushes my heart and soul.

Is this what, another failure of broken dreams? Broken dream makes my heart ache, silently.  It makes my heart cry and agonized my soul. Guess, I have to give it up. Slowly, it heals but will leave a scar and lessons to uphold. Time can tell when this heartache vanish. Perhaps, when the sun starts to shine again, in time.


  1. We all go through dark episodes in our lives. When that happens, I also oftentimes just want to give up. But we have to keep moving forward. Things do get better in time :)

  2. Beautiful photograph.

    It's a hard time for everyone. I believe things will get better, but it will be awhile.