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When A Married Man Cheats For Another Woman

When a man has another woman, we are blind by love and trust to even notice it. Perhaps, we're too busy with our work, house chores and caring with our babies. But hey, did you notice something different? Based from my experience, I did but still hoping and crossing my fingers that he didn't. I tried to ignore it because of the word TRUST, the word came out from my mouth, full of heart. I know this subject is debatable, but I would like to share this not by breaking your heart but giving awareness and knock on a woman's heart. It is not applicable to all men because each one is different. Now, let's start:

Cellphone/Mobile phone
Once you look and touch his phone gadget, you're five feet below the ground. He acts like a possessed man. He's furious why you touched it. The situation is reverse! He would suddenly say, "Don't you trust me?"  Some men will hide and turned off their cellphone. If you noticed it and read messages, they are ready for an alibi or delete it.

Of course, when he's courting you, he sprays cologne all over to impress you with good smells. When you're living together, sometimes he skips a bath or doesn't even bother that he smells. As his partner you'll buy perfume and persuade him to clean himself. One day, you noticed, he's taking a bath, whisk perfume with a twinkle in his eyes and a dreamy smile before he goes out.  I'll cross my fingers!

He arrived home and fuming mad on you (Always). If he meets a fight on the street, then why will he unload it on you? It seems there is no conversation without a fight. You're clueless!

I always noticed this! When a man look at you and say, "How pitiful my partner is?"  You feel warm and grateful but watch out! He pity you because YOU have no clue, what he's doing behind your back. I walked like I have no head that time. Everyone ones while I don't.

Now, ladies, if a concerned person tells you that your partner have an affair with another woman, stay calm and breathe. Please, when you confront the man, DO NOT tell him who the person is or where you got the information. Be thankful instead and keep it secret as much as possible. Sometimes, the man will try to discriminate and brain-washed you. He would try to turn the table against the person who told you. Sometimes, he would say, "Who told you because I will sue them to court!". Then, you think, "Ah, it's not true!" You're wrong! He was trying to cover the truth.