Straight Talk on Android Phones

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Christmas is in the air. The malls are sprouting with different sales product. Last Sunday, I went to the malls for a gadget sale especially a smart phone with a smart plan.  The power of Android phones, at only $45/month for unlimited use. It is an amazing smart phone: touch screen phones, and app capable phones with features like voice navigation, camera, video recorder, music player, instant messaging, and Bluetooth®. All the apps and games you need is here. Imagine unlimited calls, text, picture messaging and web for a whole year, for only $499.00! The 411 calls are included at no extra charge.

I am talking about Straight Talk's “All You Need Plan” meets even the needs of heavy phone users with 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts and 30 MB of web data. Honestly, I love the idea that I feel richer with Straight Talk because I cut my cell phone bill in half. Feel Richer with Android even more, you have to be crazy to be on a contract these days when you can get everything you need without one.

For more information on what these phones offer, please check out these YouTube videos: 

I Dream of A Past that Broke My Heart

Photo not mine
One late afternoon, while sleeping beside my baby, I'm in a dreamland. It's not a fantasy where a princess meet her prince. It is a dream of my past relationship. I guess, you wonder what I am talking about but if you read between the lines, you'll understand.

I have a past relationship that lasted for 15 years. Within that period, I thought the man will never look for a third-party relationship, again. I use my heart instead of my head. Well, most of the time. I never listened even if he's named as the "Battalion Playboy". But, I was wrong! He had a relationship with a 14-year old teen girl.  Three forecaster told me that he had a relationship with another girl, but I am not listening. I pretend to believe.

Yes, our relationship starts to shake from small arguments that becomes a heated one. That little arguments made me wonder why. One of my neighbors knew about it. His cousin's wife knew about it, too. The most painful part is my brother and his family knew about it. The teen girl worked in my brother's house as a helper. I am not sure if my parents knew it too. I am the ONLY one who doesn't know about it.I  knew all about it in my mother's wake last 2008. We separate year 2006 by creating an alibi and arrived here in Manila. Fortunately, I found work and another man. I promised myself, that I'll never return to him.  I think I am na├»ve or just overlook his movements. I'm busy with my work in an internet shop. That's in the province. My job's affected and I lost it. It's a long story to tell.

As a woman, I believe in intuition. We can sense but I am blind to see the real thing. But, I always dream of a teen girl with the man in my previous relationship. In that dream, I' m battling with a dragon helplessly. While, they are sitting together and looking at me, laughing. When I woke up, I asked why there's no help.

Now, I build a new life together with the new man in my life and our son. But, I dream, again, of the past. I saw this teen girl vividly with a man. I am not sure if that man is the same man I left or the man in my life now. In my dream, I feel the pain and cried, "Not again!. This is my second chance, please don't take it from me!"

Is the past, haunting me? Why am I dreaming this, again?

Roll Over, Baby Chrizs

My son and I both played around in his hospital bed. I would tickle him or sing ABC song. Sometimes, I lay him on the bed and watch him play (e.g. playing bubbles by blowing his lips). On the fourth day in the hospital, I'm watching television while Baby Chrizs play, "Grab a cloth" and tug it with his hands and feet on the bed. Suddenly, I wonder why I hear squeals of delight.

When I look at him, I'm surprised to see my son on his tummy, looking and smiling at me. He looks so happy from rolling over on his own. Oh, I am so proud and clapped my hands. It's his first to roll and stay on his tummy.

An Astroboy in the Hospital

Amid the barrage of injections for pneumonia, Baby Chrizs is very active and strong. His laughter is injectable to my worries. Because of his aliveness, he would bang his right hand (with i-v) into his right hip. That's his way of expressing his delight. Until we noticed that there is a blood inside the catheter in the back of his palm. We called the nurse who informed us that the needle was dislocated. So, they will transfer the insertion in the right foot. Oh gee, another prick in my baby's foot.

His right foot was inserted with another IV. It was not individually wrapped in steel. Instead, it was wrapped with a diaper. In case, he would rub both sides or kick his feet. 

There's my little Astroboy watching his mama taking his photos.

Hospital Days with Baby Chrizs

Few days ago, Baby Chrizs had a runny nose, cough and fever. I gave him a paracetamol drops for his fever. After a day, his fever did not subside with a temperature of 38.5°C. His appetite for milk, lessen and eat less on cereals. Immediately, I brought him to the hospital. He's admitted for pneumonia and checked for possible dengue. Fortunately, its negative but we found out that his red blood cells is lower than his white. The doctor has given him Ferlin drops that has Iron and Vitamin B Complex. Also, the doctor had given him three injectable antibiotics. Take a look at the photos:

(1) One skin patch test for allergies on his right arm.

(2) Two skin-patch on his left arm

He got four injections for one night including the Iv. He cried because of the pain. Even if the nurse will only touch his arm to check on the test patch, still he cries. Inside, I cried because he's just a baby and 7 months old. The injectable antibiotics made me worried, too. It's too strong for him. My heart sank but I have to, be strong for him and face it.

Are We Safe in Odesk?

Today, I opened my inbox and saw one email of a certain Hogan Conor who sent me a tracking number. I immediately opened it and found that it was one of the spam emails of UPS. A fake email, I should say. When I hover it, it shows another link.

But when my eyes lay on the email address, my heart beat faster.

The email he used is my Odesk email. Immediately, a question pop into my mind, "Are We Safe in Odesk?".  How about the email/card number used for transacting payment? There are a lot of workers from Odesk. I don't know if they received this kind of email. 

I've been a member in Odesk for years but I'm not an active member. I will take an exam first to make my application for a job unlimited. This is the first time to receive a spam email from them. Will it be possible?

Tinkering With A New Template

Dearest fellas,

Don't be surprised if you visit my blog in different templates. Every now and then, I'm changing and experimenting different templates I found on the internet. Most of the time, I am tinkering blog designs, reading e-how resources from the internet. I am not a techie and had 2-4 hours online because of my mommy duties. It's a bit difficult to juggle all the things you want to do online but ends up with insufficient time. Don't worry if you can't find the widgets or links, you've been looking for. The pages are there but keep the widgets code in my notepad. You'll see it back when I'm finished.

I have four blogs now. Yes, templates comes first and the number one thing for me to do. I'm finished with only one blog except the slider. Do you know how to install it? Would you mind helping me out? :D It's one load taken off my back from reading online resources. I love the slider in my blog. But I don't know to work on it unless I have the information from the internet.  Well, hop in and visit Earn Online with Mom.