Are We Safe in Odesk?

Today, I opened my inbox and saw one email of a certain Hogan Conor who sent me a tracking number. I immediately opened it and found that it was one of the spam emails of UPS. A fake email, I should say. When I hover it, it shows another link.

But when my eyes lay on the email address, my heart beat faster.

The email he used is my Odesk email. Immediately, a question pop into my mind, "Are We Safe in Odesk?".  How about the email/card number used for transacting payment? There are a lot of workers from Odesk. I don't know if they received this kind of email. 

I've been a member in Odesk for years but I'm not an active member. I will take an exam first to make my application for a job unlimited. This is the first time to receive a spam email from them. Will it be possible?

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  1. I am also a member of ODesk and like you, I'm not active too. thanks pala for dropping by my blog. Sorry to hear about your baby. Last week lang din inuubo ang baby ko. tapos ngayon, ito na naman. kung puede lang sana tayo na lang ang nagkasakit at hindi sila. how many months old na ba ang baby mo sis?