Tinkering With A New Template

Dearest fellas,

Don't be surprised if you visit my blog in different templates. Every now and then, I'm changing and experimenting different templates I found on the internet. Most of the time, I am tinkering blog designs, reading e-how resources from the internet. I am not a techie and had 2-4 hours online because of my mommy duties. It's a bit difficult to juggle all the things you want to do online but ends up with insufficient time. Don't worry if you can't find the widgets or links, you've been looking for. The pages are there but keep the widgets code in my notepad. You'll see it back when I'm finished.

I have four blogs now. Yes, templates comes first and the number one thing for me to do. I'm finished with only one blog except the slider. Do you know how to install it? Would you mind helping me out? :D It's one load taken off my back from reading online resources. I love the slider in my blog. But I don't know to work on it unless I have the information from the internet.  Well, hop in and visit Earn Online with Mom.


  1. All I know was install header as it was very easy, but with codes, never mind T_T... thanks for dropping by at my site sis!!

  2. oh I like your existing template, its cool in the eyes :)