Bewell-C is The Gift of Health for this Season

bewell-c, vitamin c

In our haste to come up with the best Christmas gift this season, we tend to forget that every person’s well-being will always be on top of the list, thus, a gift of wellness is something that will be well-received.

Around the globe, holidays means parties everywhere which also equates to frequent sleep deprivation not to mention increased alcohol intake for some and the bad effects of second hand smoke for others. All these factors contribute to lower immune system and this might not be a good match for the holidays.

Moving To Appleton, Wisconsin

fox river, appleton
The Fox River of Appleton, Wisconsin
One night, I received a call! It was from my cousin Lida who resides in Chicago. She called to tell me that she is moving to Appleton. Oh boy, I thought she was joking. She says she have to do it to move on from a heartbreak. "Why of all cities, you choose Appleton?", I asked. According to her, the place is quite and traditional. It might be humid but there are times the climate is warm like the people living in that area. I twitched and slumped on a chair. I know she had decided. She laughed at my reaction. When she thought I am worried. She sat beside me and said, "Cousin, don't you worry! I'm a big girl, now. Before I moved to that place, I made sure that I have a place to stay. There is nothing to worry! I searched the Internet and made a list in the City of Appleton jobs that I am going to apply. I think, I'm in, already! I'll be working in a store of Guitar Center of Appleton!". I sighed and hug her. I told her to be careful out there. Just remember to call me. I am always here for her.