Dream Catcher Catches Me

I was hopping on different Facebook pages, Then, I saw a dream catcher photo designed for the home. When I first saw it, I feel in love. All is sudden as warm tears were falling and racing down my cheeks. The painful truth has dawned on me. To realize that we have no house of our own.

"I want a dream catcher hanging on my room. But, I realize
the place is not ours and arranging it is limited."

I am emotional. I dream a house for my own family to live especially for my son. A warm home where I can be free to rearrange and decorate it. A home where I would wake up early to prepare and cook food for my family.

Ah, those dreams! Dream catcher, catches me! I only watch you from my computer but you hit me hard.

The website where I lay my eyes on is http://www.agaazra.com/shop.

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