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The Forgotten Benefits of Short Story Writing

benefits of short story writing

In an era when blogging is all the rage, you will have hardly come across anyone who might say that they want to publish a novel someday. Unfortunately, it’s not a modern writer’s goal anymore as it takes months or even a year to write and publish a novel… that is if it publishes at all. So, the majority (having forgotten the advantages of writing short stories) is happy blogging to increase their blog ratings instead. But writing short stories of roughly the same word count as a medium length blog seems to be do-able right? It most certainly is. Word counter can be used to find out the accurate word count. Having said that I am not in any way implying that a short story is a piece of cake. It is a challenge. The story not only has to be succinct but it also needs to be a great read... which makes it quite challenging to write as a writer.