The Forgotten Benefits of Short Story Writing

benefits of short story writing

In an era when blogging is all the rage, you will have hardly come across anyone who might say that they want to publish a novel someday. Unfortunately, it’s not a modern writer’s goal anymore as it takes months or even a year to write and publish a novel… that is if it publishes at all. So, the majority (having forgotten the advantages of writing short stories) is happy blogging to increase their blog ratings instead. But writing short stories of roughly the same word count as a medium length blog seems to be do-able right? It most certainly is. Word counter can be used to find out the accurate word count. Having said that I am not in any way implying that a short story is a piece of cake. It is a challenge. The story not only has to be succinct but it also needs to be a great read... which makes it quite challenging to write as a writer.
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But just because you have not written one up till now does not mean that you cannot come up with a good one. You just need to make sure you have all the right ingredients mixed together for an amazing short story. For starters, it needs to be concise, it needs to be interesting enough to captivate the reader's interest, and it should possibly have a moral to it (although not necessarily always). Once you get the hang of it, you will find that writing short stories has its share of benefits that are pretty hard to ignore.

So, are you up for the challenge?


Excellent! Now I’m going to share some of the top advantages of short story writing that are in store for you once you pick up your pen and start writing. So read on!

Short stories are good quick reads
I have yet to come across a reader who does not enjoy reading a nice short story. In the age of technology where phones, tablets, and kindles have mostly replaced paperbacks, people love to read shorter stories on them in comparison to the longer ones that they save for later. Short stories make a good time pass during lunchtime or on your way home from school/work

Allows you to experiment with different genres
As a writer, you get to write about several diverse topics and gain exposure. You do not need to stick to a specific genre. Experimenting with different genres allows you to figure out what “your” genre is. The genre that gives you more success could be explored in the future by maybe writing a novel in it.

Because honestly speaking the novel writers who have stuck to one genre all their life are actually scared of making a switch to another style. Short story writing allows them to move out of their comfort zone and experiment, which in turn not only boosts their confidence level but also allows them to see what kind of writing is better received by the readers. Makes a switch of the genre seem quite easy right?

 Less time consuming to write
A short story usually has a word count of 1500-30000 words. A story with a word count of 30000 to 300,000 generally categorizes as a novel. Need I say more about which one will be quicker to write?

Short stories are rewarding
Considering the fact that it doesn’t take very long to write a short story, it is nicely priced around $ 1.00-$ 3.00. Who knows if your short story is a hit with the audience, maybe it could be turned into a series of short stories. This also means more books in the market for the readers, which increases your chances of being read.

Freedom to explore all your ideas
Short stories give you the freedom to tackle various ideas. Think… as a novel writer maybe you have countless ideas but cannot fit them all into one novel, so what can be done? Perhaps you can write short stories for all your ideas and see which one is better received by the readers and then you can go ahead and base your novel on the idea that was the most well received.

Fun to read
My daughter aged 9 years old is fond of reading. The problem is that she is too impatient to go through a long novel. Now I know that’s an issue, and I need to deal with it, but as a parent, for the time being, I want her to maintain her interest in reading as it’s such a good habit for reasons known. I bought her a series of short stories and boy is she hooked to them. Not only does she manage to squeeze in a short story at her lunchtime but also looks forward to reading in her free time as well.
Nonetheless, short stories are a lot of fun. But when writing a short story how can you be sure you have not surpassed the word count?

No need to do a manual word count. You can keep a check on your word count with a word counter. I have just the perfect word counter to suggest to you. Open Small SEO Tools and go to the Word Counter. Just put your text in the box, and it will automatically give you both the word count and the character count for the respective content. Now you can concentrate on your ideas rather than constantly worrying about the word count. So, write on! If nothing else, every story will give you a sense of accomplishment and who knows it might be the start of the next Harry Potter series… in fewer words!!

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  1. true! I love writing shortstories - It is the best for me to mix Genres in Collections!