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Five Main Types of Tactical Clothing

tactical clothing

Tactical clothing refers to clothing designed to protect against injury or death. The tactical clothing is for the military or law enforcement personnel and civilians involved in outdoor or adventure activities. This apparel focuses on creating a functional yet highly protective and durable. Tactical clothing has two defining characteristics that set it apart from other types of clothing. These are:

Must-Know Tips For Storing Your Seasonal Clothes

Most of us will dig out our favourite clothes to wear as the season's change. From comforting warm winter woollies for winter to light and floaty silk vest tops for summer, we tend to rotate our wardrobe without really thinking about it.

However, with a just a little effort you can reorganise your wardrobe to make it easier for you to find and grab your favourite seasonal outfits without putting any extra wear and tear on your out of season clothes or risk causing them any environmental damage that can degrade fibres, fade colours or cause them to age quicker than you would like.