Five Main Types of Tactical Clothing

tactical clothing

Tactical clothing refers to clothing designed to protect against injury or death. The tactical clothing is for the military or law enforcement personnel and civilians involved in outdoor or adventure activities. This apparel focuses on creating a functional yet highly protective and durable. Tactical clothing has two defining characteristics that set it apart from other types of clothing. These are:

1. Durability
Tactical clothes can stand harsh weather conditions from wear and tear. Synthetic fibers such as nylon are highly resistant to water damage. Polyester is less durable than nylon but more resistant to damage from heat or abrasion. Both materials are lightweight and easily repel water (unlike cotton).

2. Breathability 
The clothing material is cool and breathable. The air passes through it and affects the amount of sweat that evaporates off your skin. 

While tactical apparel shows functionality and is fashionable with militarized aesthetics. It has additional features like built-in pockets and extra padding. It does give you a good look. 

Now, there are five main types of tactical apparel:

Tactical shirts are made from moisture-wicking material to keep the wearer cool and comfortable. The shirts also have built-in elbow pads and pockets for cell phones, flashlights, pens, or anything else an officer might need.

Tactical pants come with reinforced knee pads and strategically placed pockets to make them comfortable and convenient to wear while on duty.

Tactical jackets protect the wearer from cold weather conditions when working outside for long periods. The jackets are designed for maximum comfort and are waterproof.

Tactical footwear, or tactical boots, are designed with durability and comfort. They often feature an oil-resistant sole, an ankle support system, a high-quality lining, and water resistance.

Gloves are an essential part of any tactical ensemble because they protect your hands and allow you to operate efficiently while keeping them warm at the same time.

For short-term use, military uniforms have better quality. For long-term use, civilian tactical clothing is better. I hope you will agree to that. That is only my opinion. 

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