Bringing It All Together - How to Be More Organized as a Blogger

This year, there are expected to be almost 32 million people who consider themselves to be bloggers across the globe. Whether you’re writing about parenting, technology, marketing, or anything in between, there are always opportunities to grow your business and build a following when you know how to manage your blog the right way.

organized blogging

But, blogging is about more than just being a fantastic writer with a unique opinion. It’s even about more than understanding SEO and marketing practices or working with sponsors.

One of the best things you can do to help your blog become more successful is to stay organized. Remember, as a blogger, you’re the boss and the “owner” of your business. By staying organized, you’ll be more efficient, more motivated, and far more productive.

If your desk at home or in your office looks like a tornado just went through, or if you’re struggling to stay on top of a posting schedule, let’s go over a few tips on how to be more organized for the sake of your blog.

Create a Master Schedule
Any good blogger knows that timing is everything. You have to schedule your posts at the right time, decide how frequently you’ll be posting, send out social media updates, newsletters, etc.

If you’ve been posting and sending and preparing things whenever you get a few extra minutes, you’ll never be able to gain as much reader loyalty as you could from a consistent schedule. Take advantage of scheduling tools online, like Hootsuite for social media, or different editorial calendar plugins to schedule out posts ahead of time. Not only will it keep you consistent, but it will help to keep you from procrastinating on the things that really need to get done.

Keep Your Documents Professional 
Chances are, you got into blogging because you have a unique perspective on a specific topic. That doesn’t mean you automatically know everything about the business, like how to create professional-looking documents for potential sponsors, or how to neatly organize your expenses or growth stats on a pie graph.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a design diva or a Word whiz to get the job done. Take advantage of different templates and programs that offer them, like They can keep all of your documents looking professional and consistent, so they’re easy to read and something you can be proud of when others take a look at them.

Set Specific Hours
You might think you need to work from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, but that isn’t the case - nor should it be! One of the most important things you can do for yourself when you’re self-employed is to set specific hours. Don’t give yourself the option to work “whenever you can.”

When you make standard hours for yourself, you’re forced to get more done in that amount of time, which can increase your productivity and forces you to stay organized. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep instead of working in the evenings, so you can start each day with energy and more focus.

Remember, your success as a blogger depends on the effort you put into it. By staying organized, you’ll feel less overwhelmed and stressed, and can focus on the more important aspects of blogging.

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