Spank Master Boogie and His Album Museum

Spank Master Boogie's Debut Album called "Museum" - a unique and witty hip hop music!

When they gave me the task of writing about rock and roll music genre, I was uncertain. My kind of music is different from what was given to me, though. I was a bit nervous and even doubted myself if I can do it right. To know it, I accept it as a challenge. What I did is research a bit and listen to each song two to three times a day. By listening to each song lyrics and beat had helped me understand what this genre is all about. I'm so thankful for the opportunity given. Now, let's talk about hip hop!

Hip hop comes from US Black and Hispanic origin. Hip Hop Maniac established 1992 while attending Central State University in Ohio! HBCU's stand up! But, there was a disagreement of the exact year when it starts. Britannica defined hip hop as an integration of the rap musical style to form a uniqueness to its beat and rhythm. It is witty and uses a language that differs from others. It creates an extraordinary dance moves. To some people, hip hop is an art on how to express yourself lyrically.That is Spank Master Boogie!

DJ Spank Master Boogie name came from the guys in 2004 Las Vegas party. They noticed how he flawlessly scratch the turntable. With that said, they give him the name of Spank Master Boogie. Although his real name is Omar Jefferson, he has multiple monikers such as Hip Hop Maniac, Spank Master Boogie, and Hip Hop Maniaco. These are for branding purposes and to avoid potential thievery and plagiarism. He said he didn't have a choice.

Museum is his debut album that showcases his distinct form of art. Below is the list of the 14 soundtracks:
  1. Hashtag MC (Richbumz Version) produced by Tonic Man
  2. Mango Saki (produced by DJ J5)
  3. Gray Skies feat. Lisa Amaro (produced by Ricardo Del Rio)
  4. Nature Hike Skit
  5. Nature Hike (produced by DJ Kid Magic Rock)
  6. Battle Champ (produced by Pitt Boss)
  7. Jasminka drop
  8. Complimentary Cheese and Wine (produced by Hip Hop Maniac) 
  9. Moses Magnvm (produced by MF Love)
  10. Swampland Chronicles feat. Trenched (Backwoods Remix) produced by Hip Hop Maniac & Trenched
  11. Earl Campbell (produced by Tonic Man)
  12. Sci En Tif Ic (produced by Hip Hop Maniac)
  13. Hashtag MC feat. Maggie Santana (Handclap Soul Mix) produced by DJ Spank Master Boogie
  14. Outro (Justin L Davis)

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Sci En Tif Ic

Complimentary Cheese and Wine

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