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When the music starts, some people could not resist following the rhythm of the beat. Music plays a vital role in a person's life. In fact, it makes them cheerful, well and sound. Although each one has its own choice of music, still rock and roll are the best.

Rock and roll are a combination of different genre music rolled into one. It connects the people and the band with an adrenaline rush. The songs have their own phrases that are meaningful and compassion. The bands of the rock genre are excellent in catching different emotions of misery and wrath like in this new album "United in Rock" by Trenched.

united in rock album, trenched
Cover Album for United in Rock
United in Rock is a debut album released in 2018 by Indie Label Miami2Vegas. A unified rock album that features Christian Solazzo, Bill Hilt,  DJ Kid Magic Rock, Joey Fatone, Sysco Kid, Jeff Beck, and Hip Hop Maniac. This album contains 15 song tracks of grit and power to influence rock and roll reverberates. An artful concept of heavy and bass guitar.


Trenched is an American Indie rock band with lead singers Jimmi Ferris and Andrea Zattiero. Both are vocalists and live performers for the past 20 years. Andrea a songwriter is influenced by her Italian and Colombian Heritage. Jimmi Ferris, also a composer of classic rock albums has live sessions and accompaniment with Quincy Jones, Jef Beck, and many others.

Andrea Zattiero
United in Rock album shows ingenious ways to get the songs to function within the story to the happiness and enjoyment of the audience.

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