Wishing You a Blessed Good Friday

 When God had given up his life for all! Wishing you a Blessed Good Friday!

I Love Silence

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This is what I want! Everyone's asleep while I am alone facing the computer and tinkling the keys. During the waking hours, I can hardly do this writing, especially when:

My little one is awakeHe's only two years old. Whenever he needs me or my attention, he'll shout "Mama" and keep on repeating it. It's loud that makes some people laugh. Whenever he has tantrums, I can hardly touch the keys. Yes, I am online but only to check messages from my Facebook and emails. Also, I am online in one role playing games like Cabal. But, I'll be AFK or Away from Keyboard when my son held my hand and drag me to sleep. I think that's what every mom do. Leave everything that you do when your little one needs you. First is first!

There were shouts from customers who played Dota! I cannot focus! I understand the excitement of playing Dota even I don't know how to play it. Why do you have to shout when your partner was sitting next to you? I don't like the trash talked and swearing, either. I don't want to let my son hear it. If he hears it many times, he will say that (swearing) wordThat is why I become angry when they swear and keep on shouting when my son is asleep, though. Sometimes, I keep my head cool but if it's my patience is over, you'll see my reaction!

That is why I love silence, when everyone's fast asleep! It is in silence that I can think clearly. Focus on what I'm doing because no one can disturb me.

Chris Aiden’s 2nd Birthday

How time flies so fast! Two years ago, I gave birth to a boy when the world seems dark…


He become the cutest baby boy I’ve ever seen. He had captured everyone’s heart. He wanders around with his contagious laughter. A baby who does not forget to give his smile to everyone he met. The baby who calls me, “Mama”.


Is now celebrating his second birth year!
 With a new friend, Kuya Nash

Happy birthday son!

Visiting “Ilog Maria”

Last month, we had a chance to visit “Ilog Maria” while staying in Cavite. I heard them talking about “magpatusok”  or bee sting in English. I asked what’s the fuss is all about? My brother, Jun told me that he’s going to Ilog Maria for  BST. I asked what’s BST? He said, “BST means Bee Sting Therapy” wherein a bee will sting any part of your body that has an ailment. I’ve never heard of such thing but all I can imagine was the pain when a bee stings you. Also, he warned us not to shout or cry in pain. Instead, try to bite your lower lip to refrain from shouting. The man who gives you the therapy will get angry. 
brother, sibling
That’s my youngest brother on the wheels. The five of us including my son had accompanied my brother to Ilog Maria. It took us only 15 minutes drive away from my cousin’s place before we saw a signboard of Ilog Maria. Ilog Maria is in Silang, Cavite. From the highway, we drove to a one-way entrance. Most of the visitors of Ilog Maria were in a private car. There’s nothing to worry about the exit because there’s another one-way road especially for it.

When we arrived, my brother told us to go to a building where a lot of people gather. Geez, I’m glad my niece has a camera and loves to take pictures. My cell phone with camera wasn’t fixed, yet. We saw a lot of people, foreigners and Filipinos sit on the chairs in 3 lines while others were standing and sharing stories. Then, I saw a man seated on a chair near a pillar holding the bee’s wings on the right hand. In front of him is a client/patient (foreigner) who had a problem in the knee. The foreign woman just squirms and bite her lips when the bee stung. Then, the man told her to walk. I guess to savor the pain of the sting and exercise it. My brother had the bee stung on his left foot.

After my brother had the BST and “walking” exercise, we went to another building to see the products of Ilog Maria.
These are the products that are hand-crafted by the staff of Ilog Maria

products-of-ilog-maria Here’s my cousin Sol, reading the benefits and ingredients of the product. The products she bought are: Healing Massage Oil, Propolis Ointment and Propolis.


After Ilog Maria, we decided to go to People’s Park in Tagaytay. Sad to say, we didn’t have a chance to go up because of the thick fog. Kuya Rene noticed we’re the only one’s who have no jackets. We end up taking pictures and buying sweet pineapples.

Remembering Mother's 4th Death Anniversary!

I forgot the exact date of my mother's death. I understand that's between March 1 to March 3. It dawned on me, today, why she was in my dream, last night. It's my mothers 4th death anniversary. 

Dearest Mom, 
I'm sorry I forgot about the date when God took you away from us. But, you'll always be remembered and always in our hearts. I love you, Ma!