Commenter on SEA-MARJ

A friend asked my help on writing an article about SEA-MARJ to spread the word and also she needs comments on her page. I even wrote a link where to write comments. But, as it turned out, their comments were on my article.

I decided not to approve their comments yet because I stopped writing a few months ago for a reason. I want to ask Liz first; what had happened with her fight against the SEA-MARJ. But then, comments kept pouring in on my article (good and bad) until today. I received in my inbox a long comment from an anonymous person.

Honestly, this anonymous person made my conscience blue. I didn't realize that a lot of people are researching the net for SEA-MARJ info and I haven’t approved the comments way back. So, I decided to post/approved the comments first before asking Liz. The exchange of comments might help them out.

All active job posting of Sea-Marj has been updated.
There will be a training fee if the job seeker has the interest to apply. 

The Christmas Gift – Late Post

Honestly, I love researching online. Sometimes, I’ll help (with pay) some high school students when I am in the mood, with their school assignments and projects. Oh, I’ll scrutinize first if the student has no knowledge when it comes to online research. Some students lie and give their responsibility to the internet staff and rent a computer to play computer games.

When you research, mostly answers are in English language because it’s universal. Until, I came across a Filipino version of Questions posted are in Filipino language. Some questions were like elementary and high school assignments based on subjects. Without a doubt, I decided to create a profile and start contributing answers that I know. Also, I searched my answers through the internet, since it’s in English, I translate it into Filipino.

Being a new profiler, I was only thinking of sharing and posting answers because I am mostly on the net, that time. Besides, spending a few minutes of your time contributes and helps big for people who are looking for answers. Then, someone contacted me and thanked me for the contribution; it was JayveeRouge – a top contributor and community manager. After months with it (Christmas is nearing), Jayvee asked for my address because the main office of, would like to give a Christmas gift as their way to thank a contributor! Wow, I thought it was only a small token or a t-shirt. But, I was surprised when I saw my husband struggling with a large frame of something.

When I saw it, it made me very, very happy. The gift was timely because I was pregnant then and it’s very helpful.

 Thank you very much

I Give Birth, Finally!

First week of March, I visit my ob for the weekly check-up. I was then preggy at 37 weeks. I showed her the result of my pelvic ultrasound and she only nod. Then she touched my tummy and felt its difference. She then told me to lie down on the bed for the i e (don’t know the exact word for it). The result was 1-2 cms and anytime, I’ll give birth and advised me to ring her anytime.

Baby Chriz
Finally, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, more than 3 weeks ago. He weighs 3.3 kilos and fair skin. It was funny to hear him cried out loud after he’s out of my womb. Every doubts and fear for my baby’s development’s gone. I release an air of gladness. Thank God, it’s normal and I have no complications.

Finally, I can see him and hold him in my arms!

Finally, I have a baby – my own baby!