I Give Birth, Finally!

First week of March, I visit my ob for the weekly check-up. I was then preggy at 37 weeks. I showed her the result of my pelvic ultrasound and she only nod. Then she touched my tummy and felt its difference. She then told me to lie down on the bed for the i e (don’t know the exact word for it). The result was 1-2 cms and anytime, I’ll give birth and advised me to ring her anytime.

Baby Chriz
Finally, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, more than 3 weeks ago. He weighs 3.3 kilos and fair skin. It was funny to hear him cried out loud after he’s out of my womb. Every doubts and fear for my baby’s development’s gone. I release an air of gladness. Thank God, it’s normal and I have no complications.

Finally, I can see him and hold him in my arms!

Finally, I have a baby – my own baby!

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  1. Congratulations on your precious baby!!