Commenter on SEA-MARJ

A friend asked my help on writing an article about SEA-MARJ to spread the word and also she needs comments on her page. I even wrote a link where to write comments. But, as it turned out, their comments were on my article.

I decided not to approve their comments yet because I stopped writing a few months ago for a reason. I want to ask Liz first; what had happened with her fight against the SEA-MARJ. But then, comments kept pouring in on my article (good and bad) until today. I received in my inbox a long comment from an anonymous person.

Honestly, this anonymous person made my conscience blue. I didn't realize that a lot of people are researching the net for SEA-MARJ info and I haven’t approved the comments way back. So, I decided to post/approved the comments first before asking Liz. The exchange of comments might help them out.

All active job posting of Sea-Marj has been updated.
There will be a training fee if the job seeker has the interest to apply.