Of Having a Cellphone

7310, super nova
NOKIA 7310 Super Nova.

I am not going to talk about the phone's specifications and reviews because you can find more of it's information around the internet world. How it become so important and dear to me.

I had a 3310 of the same brand but it can not save important messages. So, when it's full you have to delete it. I was thinking to have a cellphone that can saved a lot of messages, take pictures and very handy. Slide and flip cellphones are not my type because it's very fashionable. So, I searched the Nokia website, found it and fall in love with it. The cellphone was coming soon and so I waited.
September 2009, I quit my job and went back to the province to be with my mother who was sick at that time. So, this desire for a new cell phone is out of the priorities. Mother is not suffering from an ordinary sickness; she was suffering from a cervical cancer. There were a lot of messages coming from her nieces, close relatives and other loved ones. But, I have to delete it before she knew it.

And so, this was it, just as I thought: Is this the reason for having a new one?

mama carmenDecember 2009, I bought a new cell phone [Nokia 7310] against my youngest brother’s will. The money used to buy it was a share from a lot that was sold. He thought that I bought it out of “having a new one”. Maybe, could be. But, my heart was focused on having my mother accept calls from his brother and other relatives who wants to hear her voice; who wants to wish her well amid her state of health. 

I used the cell phone in accepting calls from her niece with the help of a headset. Mother can hardly hear, anymore. Also, I took stolen shots of her because she doesn’t want me to take her photos. She said, she’s very ugly now and very slim. What she doesn’t know is I sent it to her brother and nieces through MMS. I downloaded and saved her favorite songs then played it beside her. Yes, I can now saved messages – good and bad messages as evidence on what had happened!

Having a new cell phone is not only an “in” thing, but having a good communication with my mother’s closest relatives and friends. Nokia 7310 Super Nova plays a big role in communication.