Ozamiz City Government Supports the Crusade of Alsa Ozamiz

Alsa Ozamiz, Ozamiz City

The people of Ozamiz City has risen from the ashes, proudly and loudly for their crusade against illegal activities and bad elements in the city.

January 18 (Wednesday), thirty thousand people marched to a venue besides the town's historical structure of the famous Cotta. It was a public outcry to cleanse and eliminate, once and for all, the city's dirty symbol associated to the City of Ozamiz. In the evening, the city declared Alsa Ozamiz, a local movement to rally and shrug off all the bad elements that have been corrupting and ravaging the once stellar status of the city.

"Alsa Ozamiz bears the same ideals just like his grandfather's first and original Alsa Ozamiz movement back in the 50s to fight against the government insurgencies"

as described by the incumbent Mayor Reynaldo "Aldong" Parojinog, Sr.

But the difference?