Ozamiz City Government Supports the Crusade of Alsa Ozamiz

Alsa Ozamiz, Ozamiz City

The people of Ozamiz City has risen from the ashes, proudly and loudly for their crusade against illegal activities and bad elements in the city.

January 18 (Wednesday), thirty thousand people marched to a venue besides the town's historical structure of the famous Cotta. It was a public outcry to cleanse and eliminate, once and for all, the city's dirty symbol associated to the City of Ozamiz. In the evening, the city declared Alsa Ozamiz, a local movement to rally and shrug off all the bad elements that have been corrupting and ravaging the once stellar status of the city.

"Alsa Ozamiz bears the same ideals just like his grandfather's first and original Alsa Ozamiz movement back in the 50s to fight against the government insurgencies"

as described by the incumbent Mayor Reynaldo "Aldong" Parojinog, Sr.

But the difference?
The fight is not against rebels, but to a more profound cause - that is to fight all negative elements in the Ozamiznon Society. You name it, it's on the list - from illegal gambling down to illegal fishing and the like with illegal drugs on the top list. The city government led by Mayor Aldong are all down to tap it off their city.

Ozamiz City Hall Cries Foul Against All The Drugs Allegations
In a press conference held prior to the evening’s Alza Ozamiz event, the city’s father-daughter tandem composed of Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog, Sr. and Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog express their sentiments about the latest accusations against them. Vice Mayor Parojinog cries foul on their critics’ claim that the city’s drug situation is “rampant”. Vice Mayor Nova Princess said all these allegations are really unfair for all the drug initiatives that they have implemented in the city long before Duterte came into power.

Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog, Sr. said, "Even before, Ozamiz City fought the war against drugs". He noted that they’ve been having this extensive fight against drugs, however, all these initiatives all went down the drain for nothing. Apparently, their accomplishments just went under the radar of the then police chiefs for some unknown reasons.

press conference, alsa ozamiz

At the press meeting, the Parojinogs presented a really thick book of the anti-drugs operations report that has been taking place since 2013, long before President Duterte’s massive national anti-drug campaign.

Vice Mayor Parojinog noted that the book contains all the reports on the drug raids, drugs suspects arrests and illegal drugs confiscations undertaken by the city hall with the PNP since 2013

Mayor Aldong added, "During my campaign against drugs, a lot of people were angry even my own relatives. At this point, the mayor was teary-eyed as he said, "We are from Ozamiz, then, we destroy our place?"

Recently, Mayor Parojinog, Sr. had a meeting with President Duterte who also met other city and town mayors in Malacanang Palace last January 11.

Parojinog, Sr. described his meeting with Duterte in Manila as cordial, with the Chief Executive saying that the earlier pronouncement of Parojinog’s involvement in drugs was based on a report from regional intelligence units.

Still, we stand in the fight against drugs as our support to President Duterte who is willing to risk his life for the people." as stated by Mayor Aldong in front of the media team.

On Alsa Ozamiz Bashers
Of course, being included on Duterte's narco-politician list (from which Mayor Aldong’s case is currently under revalidation) and having this aggressive campaign called “Alsa Ozamiz”, Mayor Aldong Parojinog’s detractors would definitely raise their eyebrows with the coincidence. Additionally, there was social media buzz that Alsa Ozamiz is the Parojinog’s strategy to sack the newly-assigned City Police Chief Espinido. However, the courageous mayor gleefully revealed that Alsa Ozamiz is actually a joint effort of the PNP and the city hall. In fact, during the Alsa Ozamiz gathering that night at the Cotta, although not present, the new city police chief had a long VTR message for all Ozamiznons that affirms his support on these anti-drugs initiatives by Mayor Aldong and VM Nova Princess (and the rest of the Ozamiz City Hall).

parojinog, ozamiznon

Alsa Ozamiz
On a Wednesday evening Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog, Sr. led the formal launch of the ‘Alsa Ozamiz’ anti-crime program. ICMY, the AlsaOzamiz program is an extensive program of the Ozamiz city hall that pushes civilian-barangay partnerships with government and non-government agencies to prevent “all that is illegal” in the city i.e. illegal drugs, gambling, fishing, logging, etc…

With illegal drugs on top of their list, the leading city officials stated that they have stand-by programs to support this city anti-drugs campaign. This includes the proposed private partnership with rehabs as part of the follow-up initiatives for “tokhang responders” and also the potent “reward system” when it comes to intelligence gathering, among others.

video karera, machines destroyed

Video Karera Machines Destroyed
On the eve of the Alsa Ozamiz declaration and right after the press briefing, some 560 video karera machines that were voluntarily surrendered to barangay captains were crushed altogether by a payloader right in front of the city hall grounds. These video karera and fruit game machines are allegedly being used habitually by drug addicts as a fond pastime most notably when they are high on drugs.


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