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FREE Personalized Twitter Button

Wherever I blog visit, I saw different twitter buttons. So, I decided to browse the net and here I found it! Some buttons are funny and made me smile. These are animated twitter buttons on a site. It is a flash generated code. If you want to see it, click twitter buttons  or the gallery of twitter buttons.

How to install: Flash Buttons. 

Choose the animated button and click Get the Code Resize it! This depends on the width on your side bar.
Enter your twitter ID and click “Apply your Twitter Name To The Code”.
Copy the code and paste it in the notepad. Why NOTEPAD? I saw a link that should not be included in the code. See the photo below:

Yes, you have it paste but DO NOT SAVE IT YET! DELETE the underlined words in color red. If you can hardly read the photo, i'll write it down for you.

[a href="" title=""][/a]

DELETE IT. It is a link to a website Bingo Galaxy. If it will not redirect you,  then it might be a pop up. Who knows? It should not be included in the program code.

After deleting the said code, you can now save it. You can check mine on my left side bar.

If you want to try it! Please leave comments and tell me what happened.