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Roland Synthesizer Price List

I chance by a group of teenagers who were having a band practice in our local barangay. When the band leader saw me, he immediately approached me. He told me that the group wants an instrument that produces a wide variety of sounds. That, it will generate signals to convert the sound through loudspeaker or amplifier.

As part of the community, I told him to buy a roland synthesizer. That fits his description of the instrument. Aside from the brand's good name, it has gain a world wide reputation of high quality sound. It has a vast range selection of synthesizer. One example is the Roland JUNO-DS61 Synthesizer.

In the Philippines, the cost of a Roland Synthesizer is around P40,000.00. That's $861.63 depending on the dollar rate conversion. Well, we can make a list of the prices from store-hopping! Then, compare prices from different musical stores, which ones give the lower price. Do you want to join us? Hop in!