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Camella’s Housing Projects Stretches to North Luzon

camella laoag entrance gate
Camella Laoag Entrance Gate

Region 1, reputed among Ilokanos as Lupang Ilocos, is comprised of Pangasinan, La Union,  Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte.  Belonging to the country’s northwest part are two of these four provinces, Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte or what is simply known as the Ilocos Region. 

Ilocos region languidly reside in the narrow yet fecund plain between the magnificent Cordillera Mountain Range and the South China Sea. Tucked between mountains and the sea, both Ilocos Norte and the Sur offer charming havens to build homes and raise one’s family. It is in these prime locations where Camella built three of its delightful communities in the North : Camella Bantay and Camella Candon in Ilocos Sur and Camella Laoag in Ilocos Norte.